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Little did I know that your eyes were set on another person. In the end, you finally gathered your courage and admitted that there was someone else in your life. I couldn't help but compare myself to this stranger and pinpoint every imperfection that I had. I comforted myself with the knowledge that she didn't really know you.

She didn't know you love for dark coffee, your sugar addiction, and your disdain for posers. Then my heart breaks a little when I realize that with time she'll learn all of your little quirks, perhaps she will pick up on things I never noticed.

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My headphones are always next to me and crumpled tissues are scattered across the duvet. Music is now my companion, holding my hand as I try to get back up again.

ASTRO - Don't Look Back - 아스트로 - 돌이키지마 [Immortal Songs 2 / 2016.12.31]

Your betrayal is keenly felt, you're not a bad person, but your carelessness came with a hefty price. Every song fills me with conviction that one day this bitterness will ebb. Love fades, and music's encompassing passion has the power to remove your features from my memory. Before I am healed, I have to hate you a little bit more each day until all this rage finally washes away. I keep looking at myself in the mirror wondering what is it about my face that made you treat me this way.

There are no answers in the reflection and all my thoughts come full circle and land on you. If you kept saying that you loved me, does that mean it's my fault? I only stick with you because there are no others.

31 Songs For Your Halloween Party Playlist - Spooky Little Halloween

You are all I need. Day 2 I said I'd give my life for just one kiss. I'd live for your smile and die for your kiss. Day 3 It was you who put the clouds around me. It was you who made the tears fall down. It was you who broke my heart in pieces.


Day 4 I've been a wreck since you changed. I miss the lies and the pain. I'm starting to remember you with hate rather than love. Currently, over bands and artists with clips are featured - plus, we also have listings for another more acts covering the years If you're not quite sure what song you are looking for, browsing through our extensive song lists is bound to help you jog your memory.

Have you been searching garage sales for hard-to-find recordings of some obscure song for the past odd years with no luck? Since we first went online, we have helped literally thousands of people in all aspects of oldies music collecting - everything from locating out-of-print CDs to finding sheet music to naming some long-forgotten tune from half-remembered song snippets. We hope our website will help you finally track down that elusive tune you have been seeking for so long. Johnny Tillotson.

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The pair bonded over their mutual love of the Haunted Mansion, one thing led to another and they ended up recording an entire album of love songs to monsters and ghosts. Their songs are definitely a Halloween party playlist staple. Another 60s classic from an actual 60s girl band. I love female harmonies, and this spooky dance tune by the Crystals is perfect for any party.

Told you I loved The Cramps for Halloween!

Definitely one for your party playlist. When I ask for song recommendations, this one gets shared a LOT so I figured it needed to go on the list…because I love it too. Every playlist needs a good throwback tune! I love how this song starts off-kilter and never leaves that vibe behind. Need a song with a LOT of quirk? This is the one.

The 40 best Kiss songs of all time

Those are okay in my book. Remember back at Siouxsie and the Banshees when I said there was only one song more anthematic for Halloween? This is it.