50 Simple Questions for Every Christian

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This is a remarkably well written book by an atheist.

The author doesn't want to pick a fight engage in argument. Guy P.

Written in a respectful and conversational style, this unique book is designed to promote constructive dialogue and foster mutual understanding between Christians and non-Christians. The author, a skeptic and journalist, asks basic questions about Christian belief.

50 Simple Questions for Every Christian

What is the born-again experience? Why would God want to sacrifice his only son for the world? Do miracles really happen?

How reliable is the Bible? We skeptics would do well to adopt Harrison's method of encouraging the religious to question their beliefs, since respect, rather than clearly displayed contempt, is far more likely to win hearts and minds.

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Every Christian on the planet should read this book. They will be pleasantly surprised by Harrison's respectful tone and sincere desire to enlighten.

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Far from an attack or a series of arguments, this book explains, in plain English, why some people are skeptical of Christianity. This book is nothing less than a rare opportunity to close the gap between believers and nonbelievers, and to bring more light and tolerance to the world.

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Harrison balances respectful, critical analysis of myth, dogma and belief with the informative, fun and accessible style that he is renowned for. With persistent, but gentle, words, Harrison injects logic, science and rational thinking into the discussion of Christian religions, asking only for consideration of facts without the emotional reaction of considering all questions as attacks Guy P.

Harrison's new book is a sober, thoughtful and engaging series of inquiries for us Christians Harrison offers fifty such questions for Christians to better know their own religion. A thought-provoking, revealing, and friendly book. Smith, author of The Fact of Evolution. You can dismiss the support request pop up for 4 weeks 28 days if you want to be reminded again.

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