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Happy news! Michael was delighted to share the news he was going to be a dad again in a tweet with his fans on Twitter. Happy families: Michael already raises his year-old daughter Lily Mo Sheen pictured together in November , California with his ex Kate Beckinsale. Michael's representatives declined to comment when approached by MailOnline for further information. Michael's new relationship with the Swedish star comes just months after he split from his comedian ex Aisling Bea in March. The split comes just four months before his happy baby news with his new love Anna. Visit site.

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This Ted Baker dress will do the trick She also shared a photo of the pair holding hands as they watched the fantasy epic. Anna also snapped a selfie with the Welsh actor in New York with the caption: 'So, so, so proud of this angelic face. The pair's relationship has apparently gone from strength to strength as the couple enjoyed a 'glamping' holiday in West Wales. The new couple also jetted over to sunny Los Angeles in June and Anna snapped a picture of her beau Michael by the Hollywood sign.

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Aisling and Sheen were spotted at the Olivier Awards in London in April, although they didn't arrive together or walk the red carpet. An onlooker at the event said: 'They stayed close all evening and Michael leaped to her defence when a reveller smashed a glass near her, making sure she was OK. Partner: The pair's relationship has apparently gone from strength since May, with Anna and Michael now on a 'glamping' holiday in West Wales. Couple's break: Anna shared a snap of some beautiful flowers on a table during the romantic break. Radiant: Anna showcased her natural beauty in front of the LA skyline during her break with Michael.

They later appeared to confirm their romance by sharing a photograph online of them attending a charity event for refugees in New York. Aisling, whose mother is a former jockey and late father was a vet, splits her time between Los Angeles and London and has previously featured in BBC show Trollied and the Netflix Comedy Lineup. Before that Newport-born Sheen had a four-year romance with comedian Sarah Silverman, which ended in December Last year he revealed that his relationship with Silverman had hit the rocks because he wanted to come back to Britain.

Playful: Anna shared a video of the film star killing a fly with spray during their romantic holiday in Wales. He and Sarah felt in 'different ways' that they wanted to 'get more involved' in the political climate after Brexit and Donald Trump's election. The American funnywoman also joked that she still hooks up with British actor Michael when he's in Los Angeles. Amicable: Michael has a year-old daughter with Kate Beckinsale who he dated from above in Michael dated actress Kate, 45, from after meeting in the play, The Seagull.

The couple split with Kate getting engaged to Underworld director a few months later. Newport-born Sheen had a four-year romance with comedian Sarah, 48, which ended in December Michael sparked up a romance with ballet dancer Lorraine shortly after his split from Kate. The couple's romance went from strength-to-strength with Lorraine accompanying Michael to Buckingham Palace when he was made an OBE in In September , Michael's ex Sarah confirmed their split although they were back on by December.

By March , the pair had split once more with Aisling linked to actor Andrew Garfield.

All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues

Discussing her dating life with her ex, Sarah was incredibly positive about her mutual split from The Masters of Sex actor and explained that long distance was to blame but they're still friends. The comedian shared: 'I was with Michael [Sheen]. We broke up over Christmas. As you know, he moved back to the UK and his life is really there and my life is really not there.

Perhaps sharing a little too much, she added: 'But I love him to pieces and you know if he's in town and we're both single, we will make love. I mean, not 'over Christmas' - like that wasn't the fight that ended it. No fight. Happy family: Kate and Michael are devoted parents to daughter Lily, aged 20 pictured April May : Amy was shocked to discover that Rob Donovan had returned after escaping from prison. Tracy later confided in Rob, who was desperate for her help to flee the area, about her plan for her and Amy to come with him.

Rob was initially unconvinced, but when Tracy informed him of the substantial evidence against Amy and that she had uncovered the money that she had conned from Ken stuffed in her teddy bear, he reluctantly agreed. The trio then went on a break to the Peak District , with Amy blissfully unaware that Rob was also with them, and their disappearance was soon heavily publicised by the police - who correctly believed the pair to be harbouring Rob.

Tracy banned Amy from all electronic devices including her phone and the television, as she feared what her daughter would do if she realised that they were on the run. However, Amy eventually grew bored of the cottage and used a nearby phone-box to call her father.

The police were able to track the call to the cottage, but not before Amy walked in on her mother and Rob kissing. Amy was terrified by the murderer's presence at the cottage and refused to cooperate with their plans of fleeing. When the police arrived, Rob bundled Amy into a car while Tracy provided a distraction by allowing the police to arrest her - as she didn't want Amy to go to prison for Ken's attack. Although Amy soon told Rob that she wasn't Ken's attacker and, believing her to be innocent, he let her out of his car to get a bus back to Weatherfield.

Tracy falsely admitted to having attacked Ken, in order to spare her daughter, but when Rob handed himself in to the police he informed her that Amy wasn't the attacker and that she had returned to Weatherfield alone on a bus - Tracy retracting her previous claims and denied the assault. While Tracy was awaiting her court appearance, to discover if she would be prosecuted for assisting Rob, the truth about Ken's attacker was finally revealed when Ken identified Daniel's shoes as those his attacker had been wearing. Daniel finally admitted to the crime, claiming that he had lost control after discovering Ken had inadvertently forced Sinead to abort his child.

While Peter, Tracy and Daniel were disgusted by Daniel's actions and disowned him - Ken told the police that his memory of the night had returned completely and he had fallen down the stairs rather than having been attacked.

All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues

The only other people to learn the true identity of Ken's attacker were his mother Denise Osbourne , as well as Sinead and Chesney Brown - who found the murder weapon hidden at 15a Coronation Street. August : Amy was left horrified by the prospect of yet another stepmother when Steve proposed to Leanne Battersby. In August , Steve gave up all hopes of a reunion with Michelle - as she had entered into a relationship with Robert Preston - and later proposed to Leanne to ensure that the pair of them could raise their children as a proper family.

Despite having her reservations, Leanne initially accepted the proposal - to the shock of everyone, and horror of Tracy and Amy. However, after talking to her sisters Toyah and Eva Price - Leanne realised that she and Steve had no real chemistry, to which Steve ultimately agreed, and the engagement was called off. Although, the pair decided to remain close friends so that they could bring up their son in the best possible environment. By October , Amy had began to go through a rebellious stage - as her and Asha Alahan started causing trouble on the street.

The unrepentant pair knocked Brian Packham 's coffee over him, and upon inviting him to shower at No. However, the pair went too far when they put blue ink in the window-wash reservoir of Roy's car and almost caused a crash when Brian and Cathy Matthews had to swerve to avoid hitting David the Dog.

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Cathy was immediately able to identify the culprits and wasted no time in summoning Steve, Tracy and Dev Alahan to discuss the pair's reckless behaviour. In way of an apology Amy and Asha were forced to put on a Boney M. However, Amy and Asha were not finished and began to manipulate their new friend Summer Spellman by daring her to spray paint a penis onto a teacher 's car in shaving foam. Later, the dares became more serious as Summer was told to smoke a strange looking cigarette found by Simon. Despite having refused and thrown the cigarette box away, Summer later returned after the other kids had left and smoked it.

The cigarette turned out to contain the drug spice and Summer collapsed - Amy and Simon found Summer in the ginnel and were able to get her some help but the pair found themselves punished along with Asha and Aadi Alahan for putting her up to it.

Amy Barlow

In December , Steve decided to move on from his relationship with Michelle - and part time engagement to Leanne - by using an online dating App. However, he was shocked to discover that his perfect match was Tracy. Upon spending the night together, Steve received a phone call from Tracy on Christmas Day claiming that the night had been a "mistake" - although, it was later revealed that Amy had sent the text as she dreaded her parents reuniting due to the fact that it always ended disastrously.

Amy also attempted to make Tracy angry with Steve by taking Eccles and making her believe that Steve had left the door open and allowed the dog to escape.

“Clarks” [ft. Popcaan & Gaza Slim]

Despite her attempts, Steve and Tracy saw through her plan and decided to make their relationship official. In January , Amy began to feel jealous about the lack of attention she was receiving from her parents.

This jealousy was heightened when Steve presented Tracy with a lavish gift of a trip to Paris but refused to buy her a new phone, even after she had purposely broken her current one and was now forced to go without. Steve challenged Amy to a contest, that he could go longer without his phone than she could, and promised if she beat him that he would buy her the new phone.

Over the next week and a half, Steve began to cheat and secretly use his phone while nobody was around but Amy eventually got her revenge by going to a house party instead of the cinema on night in February. As a result of not having a phone, Steve was unable to contact Amy - but they eventually located her, humiliating her in front of her friends and crush Matthew Begley , but Tracy ordered Steve to buy his daughter a new phone so that incidents of the same nature wouldn't arise again.

Elsewhere, Billy Mayhew asked Tracy if Amy could team up with Summer on a school project - but Tracy refused as Summer was known for being the bottom of the class something which Billy was unaware of and Tracy didn't want her to pull Amy's grades down. Amy was more sympathetic to her friend, and later agreed to help her track Billy down after he had went AWOL. However, their attempts to find Billy proved futile and almost led them to be abducted by a man who had pretended to have information about Billy's whereabouts.

Luckily, the pair were found by Amy's uncle Peter - who was able to scare the man away before he could cause any harm. Eventually, Amy began to warm to the idea of both her parents being back together. However, Steve had started to doubt the longevity of the pairing - although for Amy's sake he proposed to Tracy in June.

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Tracy immediately accepted the proposal, but was left annoyed when Daniel stole her limelight by proposing to Sinead on the same day. Tracy soon began to plan a lavish wedding at a castle, but decided to settle for the Chariot Square Hotel after the castle burnt down - something that Steve took to be an omen. However, in August Steve kissed Abi Franklin while comforting her and began to realise that he didn't want to marry Tracy - this led to him having another one-night stand with Leanne only a week before the wedding. The wedding was plagued by more trouble as Amy slipped at a spa and broke her arm meaning that she was unable to attend, and Daniel spontaneously organised his wedding for the same day - stealing a large majority of the guest list including Ken, and Tracy's best friend Beth Sutherland.

As predicted the wedding ended in chaos, when the truth about Steve and Leanne's affair was revealed, and Tracy punched Steve during their first dance routine. Despite declaring that their relationship was over, Tracy joined Steve in Morocco for their honeymoon - but later stole his wallet and passport before abandoning him in a dessert and returning home alone.

Upon finding his way home himself, Steve begged for Tracy's forgiveness - and she later accepted on the condition that he hired Abi to work at Street Cars. November : Amy coerces her parents into signing a legally binding contract to help them become a better couple.

Amy had at first been enraged that her mother had even considered taking Steve back, but later plotted with Adam to create a legally binding contract for them both to sign in order for them to gain her acceptance. Steve and Tracy both signed without thoroughly reading the papers and were later horrified to discover that they now had to live their lives governed by rules designed to make the trio a better family such as; scheduled family time and fines for name calling.

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Despite at first allowing the contract to control their lives, Steve and Tracy later found a way to outsmart Amy by organising "family time" when she wanted to hang around with her friends. In January , Amy took a pregnancy test and was shocked to discover that she was pregnant. At first she believed that she was only a couple of weeks pregnant and planned to have a secret abortion, but soon discovered that she had confused the dates and was much further along than she had first thought - this meant that she would need a surgical abortion.

When the abortion clinic advised Amy to open up to someone close to her, preferably a family member, she confessed everything to her grandmother Liz.