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And it's OK to be pissed about it. Losing your job can be traumatic, and you can and should vent about that with people you trust just don't burn bridges at your former workplace. You never know when you'll need to cross them again. But I hadn't expected to grieve for my role when I was made redundant.

Strategies for success after a redundancy

Anger I expected, but grief? Banding together with my teammates and speaking to loved ones really helped me remember my redundancy wasn't personal. Journalist Angela Young, 39, has experienced three redundancies in the past 10 years and agrees with that statement. Angela says her partner provided financial and emotional support during her redundancies — something she is forever grateful for. My employer followed the process by the book, but it was great peace of mind to have the union making sure that was the case. I'd only been with the company for 12 months, so I wasn't about to be rolling in redundancy cash.

After working out what the severance would be and assessing my savings, I calculated how long I could live without working. Ms Jeffrey recommends applying for government support , like Centrelink payments, until you find another job. I upped the ante on my social media connections and attended industry-related networking events where funnily enough I met a handful of my future colleagues. Ultimately this was how I got my new job, after a fellow journo hooked me up with his boss for a coffee. Once it's gone, it's gone. This was by far the most time-consuming part of the flurry; updating my resume, writing cover letters and selection criteria is a huge time suck.

I also reached out to organisations I'd done freelance work for previously to flag I could take on anything they had. While that approach worked for Angela, Ms Jeffrey recommends being targeted and routine about your approach. In the madness of trying to find yourself a new job, you can lose sight of what you want, and certainly I did. I flew to Sydney for a job interview that I verbally accepted, but upon returning home realised I didn't want to move interstate and was acting out of desperation.

I cooled my jets and trusted one of the other avenues I had started pursuing would come through. And thankfully, it did. She says if financially you need something ASAP, take on what you need to and give yourself breathing space to work out what it is you really want to do. When we first identified the potential closure of the Hemel Hempstead office we knew we wanted to support employees in the right way but in the early stages we had limited visibility of our exact requirements, the numbers of employees that could be affected and timelines for the project.

We contacted three providers initially but it was Renovo who were able to add value right from the initial conversation. They gave me total confidence, listening and consulting on the type of support that could work for us and our people, while giving just the right amount of direction and guidance. It felt like the partnership we were looking for from very early on.

We worked with Renovo to build a single framework of support which provided a great deal of versatility for all employees to personalise the support around their very differing needs.

Negotiating a Redundancy Package with your Employer

Providing a Personal Career Coach for each employee felt instinctively right for us and coupled with all of the supporting resources such as Workfriend and the online Workshops we were confident that each employee had the support they needed to move on successfully. Once we moved into the implementation phase, we had total confidence in the organisation and management of the project.

We had regular communication and updates and Renovo were always very quick to respond or make adaptations as the project progressed over a 6 month period. They helped us manage the communication of the support very well which resulted in strong engagement with the outplacement service. The on-site Awareness Sessions in particular helped to build a real confidence in the value of the support amongst our people who were understandably anxious about the changes.

The amount and depth of positive feedback from employees on the support itself surprised even ourselves and 6 months on from the closure of the site, I still have people coming back to me to thank Parkdean Resorts for the investment they made and talking openly about the impact Renovo had on their transition. Renovo has played an integral and strategic role, working in partnership with the HR Project team to provide meaningful and valuable support to those employees impacted by redundancy.

With employees being spread across multiple locations in the UK and a change programme that is phased over an 18 month period, Renovo gave us the flexibility we needed to provide a consistent framework of support to all employees, ensure the support could be built around individual needs and enabled us to scale the support up and down with demand. The team at Renovo worked very well with the HR Project Team — they were communicative and highly responsive and supported us with first rate materials to communicate the support to employees and ensure there was a good understanding of what was being provided.

The support was very simple to set up. We were given all of the information that we needed to communicate the service well to employees and we were also provided with a demo account for the extensive online resources so that we could familiarise ourselves with what was available for employees.

The remote delivery model that Renovo use is great. Workfriend is also a brilliant resource. The logical layout means that it is very user friendly and relevant resources can be found quickly and used as and when required.

Make informed decisions with the FT

Renovo has helped us to support employees from different backgrounds and levels, adapting to a range of needs, and we consistently receive feedback that they are getting an exceptional service. The Personal Career Coach provided the kind of practical guidance that our employees needed. Many of the employees had been with us for a very long time and so it was crucial for them to be able to work with their Coach over the three months, at a pace that worked for them.

We have been provided with all of the information that we need to inform employees about the support and encourage them to take up the offering. Renovo tick all of our boxes — employees across different locations get access to the same high quality of support and the support seems to adapt well for individuals from technical, specialist roles. Restructuring is always a tricky time for an organisation and in particular for the HR team who have to deliver the difficult message.

Renovo gave us the right amount of information so that we can communicate the support to employees without bombarding them. During any period of change, we want to feel that we have done as much as we can to help employees exiting the business and Renovo have helped us do that. The feedback on that support was mixed and over time had become prohibitively expensive to offer to all employees leaving the business.

We liked the model that Renovo offered, providing a Coach over a longer period of time, but having never used a company to deliver this type of support on a distance basis, we initially had some concerns about whether enough rapport could be established quickly without an employee meeting their coach in person. After working with Renovo to trial the delivery model, however, we became confident that Renovo could provide the service that we needed which felt flexible, personal and represented good value for money. The whole process runs very smoothly and once an employee is referred to Renovo, we are confident that there will be a quick turnaround and the coach will be in touch with the employee quickly.

We felt the combination of personalised coaching and online technology provided the ideal blend of support for our employees and created a more suitable service than our previous providers.

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Their approach made sense to us, concentrating on support that would deliver results while using modern working practices and online resources to their best advantage. The support we mobilised for employees gave them great flexibility and control over the support they accessed and the Renovo coaches were able to adapt the support across a diverse group of employees with very different needs and capabilities.

As a Sunday Times Top 25 employer, we feel staff development and support is very important and helps achieve our high levels of employee engagement. As an organisation, we felt well supported by Renovo when it came to helping us communicate the support effectively to staff and working with our internal team to help manage the project. We were also able to work with them to provide a more specialist Retirement Planning offering, as many of the employees affected were at or considering retirement, so their flexibility and reach worked well for us.

How to Cope with Redundancy

We received regular updates and good reporting which gave us everything we needed to report back to the business on the success of the support we provided. The personal coaching provides the opportunity for colleagues to access support easily and for those longer serving employees who really lack experience of the external recruitment market, it means that they can access regular support over a sustained period which is invaluable.

Renovo proved adaptable and effective and the service they provided was far more flexible than more traditional options. Our employees have reported excellent feedback regarding the support they received from Renovo.

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The all-round nature of the service was simple, clear and effective. Renovo has been a pleasure to work with and I would not hesitate to use them again. They have been consistently responsive, always available for conversation and feedback when required and have always responded with understanding and professionalism. Ann Chambers Personnel Director Wessanen. As an HR Manager with responsibility for the project, I felt supported through the process — Renovo were professional and responsive and any issues that arose were dealt with quickly and effectively.

The one to one coaching worked remarkably well for our employees and with all of that being done through telephone and Skype, the support was accessible and employees could access that support when they needed it. Feedback from employees was positive and Renovo kept us up to date with progress and useful reporting so we could clearly see the impact of the support.

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  • Renovo will always be my first port of call should we need support in the future. Compared to other providers, Renovo was an easy choice for us. We felt very comfortable with their approach — it was professional and comprehensive but human and intuitive and they quickly built a good working relationship with us. Individuals were offered a range of support options, including Workshops, on site Career Clinics and tailored one to one support.