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Why do these methods always seem to work for someone else but not me? Why do some people achieve their goals with little effort… while I struggle to even make some progress? How can I achieve my goals in life… when my basic financial or daily needs are not even met?

But your life is too important to be left to chance. You, too, can be one of them. Guess what happens after you do so? Programming Events Into Our Future! Over the past 30 years, Dr. March April May 2. Fill out my online form. You Will Walk Away With:.

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The 5 aspects to leading a fulfilling life Unless you set goals that take care of all these 5 aspects, you are unlikely to lead a well-rounded, balanced life. The 7 key principles behind creating your future — There are 7 things you MUST do, in the right order to create the results you want. Why some goals come true and manifest with seemingly little effort… while others do not happen despite our best effort It all depends on whether this element is present. The process of inserting a goal in your Time Line… where you set goals progressively into the future instead of lumping them together This helps your mind to clarify and zoom in on each goal with laser focus.


How to clear up unfinished business that may be sapping energy in your life and demanding your attention Learn the 6 types of unfinished tasks that can actually distract you. The basic principle of the Universe based on the latest discoveries confirmed by Quantum Physics. How to get rid of negative emotions stemming from past events in your time line This is a very simple, visualization technique that teaches you how to get rid of negative emotions… no matter how long they have been bothering you.

1. Make friends with uncertainty and change.

How to get rid of limiting decisions we have made in the past If you have ever felt guilty or regretful after making a limiting decision, you can go back into the past and change it! How to use your time line to discover your life purpose NOTE: There are many analytical processes out there that claim to teach you how to discover your life purpose.

But most require lots of deduction and circular reasoning. And more! How will you instill the right diet to lose the weight? You have to get from one point to the next. The plan will also allow you to determine what needs to be done, right now, towards the attainment of your goals. Use the plan to create daily MITs, or most important tasks of the day. Take the time to write all of this down. To get from one point to the next, you need some metric for tracking and measuring your results.

Analyzing your results also helps to give you some momentum.

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However, you need some system for measuring and tracking your results without just keeping it in your head. Again, it has to be on paper or on a screen in front of you. The best way to do this is to create a spreadsheet and actually graph your results. You can watch the chart as it goes up or down, analyzing what happened, where you succeeded and where things went wrong.

If you want to do things more traditionally, buy a small notepad and write down your results every single day on paper. This has to quite literally become habitual. But as time passes, those goals lose their allure. In fact, for the most part, we tend to forget about them after a while.

But if you want to create your future and design the life of your dreams, you have to stay focused and committed.

Creating Your Future: A Calendar of Virtues for 2020

This, as you might already know, is one of the biggest stumbling blocks that exists. It boils down to just how committed you are to your goals.

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Clearly, if you want to predict your future by creating it, you have to instill a certain level of belief and faith in your abilities to achieve your goals. In order to do this, you really need to become an effective manager of your time.

How to Create Your Future

This is also where really good success-leaning habits come into play. This is about the Art of Persistence , plain and simple. Most self-help programs exhort us to look at the future positively, visualize through vision boards or similar devices, to liberate ourselves from negative beliefs in order to create a brighter future. If this were that easy, none of us would be afflicted with negativity.

The entire world would be glowing positively. Our past conditioning as well as present reality imprison our future.

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It is easy to preach positive visualization, but very hard to practice. To liberate our future vision from negative beliefs of the past and present constraints, we need to integrate the past and present into the future with an awareness of our true potential. At Coacharya we call this the mindless state. True mindlessness integrates past, present and future in a disengaged state, where we remain witnesses while in action.