Demons of Democracy

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This is all, one might say, the tip of the iceberg. The Senate filibuster, for example, may be on its last legs, as partisanship appears to have reached the point where common respect for traditional rules is no longer possible. The advantage of liberal democracy over all the other systems except for which it is the worst is that, like the market, it incorporates paradox into its political decision-making process. The most productive political dialogue is the most openly paradoxical, in the sense that although those on both sides seek to achieve their goals, both also realize that if this achievement too greatly damaged the other side, it would destroy the system itself.

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Liberal-democratic political debate requires that all value the survival of the institution that maintains the dialogue more than any given victory. All systems of government, even the most tyrannical, must implement this principle; even the absolute tyrant cannot administer his realm if he fails to take into account the needs of his subjects.

If he keeps all wealth for himself and starves everyone else, his tyranny will vanish. Legutko does not deny this so much as leave it unmentioned as irrelevant to his spiritual argument. Even if we go so far as to stipulate that this factor has a minimal effect on the economy, its devastating effect on mainstream culture was what delivered Trump the presidency.

The traditional Burkean values of civil society were being revealed one after the other as hollow shells. Thus homosexual marriage, which until a few years ago was simply unthinkable, has become universally accepted by the political class as well as by a large majority of the younger generations. Ashman had an idea to invite every person in New Zealand to wear a headscarf in public. The result was quite different from what happened in America three years ago, when a woman who tried to make a similar gesture of good will toward Muslims incurred the wrath of evangelical Christians on social media.

On this episode, Barry This year will mark the 18th anniversary of the war in Afghanistan, the forever war characterized by regime change, a surge, drawdowns, and then re-engagement across three Presidential administrations. We take a retrospective of the entire war, from the forgotten events of the lead-up to its total financial and moral costs to date. Journalist Douglas Wissing and Professor Neta Crawford of the Cost of War project take us through the staggering amounts of money spent on prosecuting the war and the development of What if you could sue someone for calling you a racial slur?

In the 90s, one country that always looked very similar to America decided to allow it, rolling back the rights to free speech in the interest of protecting victims of hate speech.

Is the result a slippery slope to government tyranny, or a more harmonious society? The moral right to hate speech does not run as deep in the U. Only in the last 80 years of litigation and activism has it become protected.

Demons of Democracy

On this episode, we look at the story of How many innocent people should we be allowed to arrest and jail in order to prevent a single dangerous person from being free? The Supreme Court has refused to answer this question, but algorithms have, and many courts across the country are going with the algorithm.


This is widely seen as progressive reform, but may in fact be leading to more incarceration, not less. While many are warning that these algorithms On this bonus episode, I go into some of the history between the LAPD police commission and the Stop LAPD Spying Coalition, and feature some of the tape from the Central station CSOC protest that didn't make it into the episode, including some creepy stuff that happened toward the end of the protest.

I then talk to Sarah Brayne about the possibility of using surveillance technology to monitor the police themselves. This bonus episode is a teaser of future bonus content available to Slate Plus Podcast Gang is the best place for podcast lovers to discover, share, review, discuss and listen to amazing podcasts online.

Join a growing community of podcast lovers and enthusiasts. About this episode Preschool kids get their first taste of democratic participation when they vote on their class name, and democratic private schools try to display the value of democracy by making kids vote on everything, even the school budget. June 22, Jun 08, The Illusionist. June 08, May 25, Uncivil Disobedience. May 25, May 11, For Women Only pt. May 11, Apr 27, For Women Only.

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April 27, Mar 30, Name of God In this provocative book, Adrian Pabst contends that liberal democracy is illiberal and undemocratic — intolerant about the values of ordinary people while concentrating power and wealth in the hands of unaccountable elites. Under the influence of contemporary liberalism, democracy is sliding into oligarchy, demagogy and anarchy. Liberals, far from defending open markets and free speech, promote monopolies like the new tech giants that undermine competition and democratic debate.

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Liberal individualism has eroded the social bonds and civic duties on which democracy depends for trust and cooperation. Home Browse Latest additions Policies.