Desembarco en Indi (El Dios Llorón nº 1) (Spanish Edition)

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Is it possible? What nonsense! It is probable. How happy I am! What a misfortune!

Orlando by Virginia Woolf

It is admirable! How astonishing! How glad I am! What a wonder! What a shame! How beautiful! How delightful! Detested by the people. To remember a thing. To become ill. To undertake great things. To fall to the ground. To understand what one says. To travel to Seville. To traverse the mountain. To defend some one. To be on a journey. Without money. To speak of something. To speak to somebody. To be at home. To insist on something. To see from afar. To mount on horseback. To pay cash. To remain at home. Which of them? To speak with some one. The last of all. To come with somebody.

Eating and Drinking. Eat something. What will you eat? What do you wish to eat? Vou do not eat. I beg your pardon; I eat very heartily. Eat another piece. I can eat no more. Are you thirsty? Are you not thirsty? Let us drink. Give me something to drink. Will you drink a glass of wine? Take a glass of beer.

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Drink another glass of wine. Sir, 1 drink your health.

Bebiendo y Contiendo. Tengo buen apetito.

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  • Tengo mucha hambre. Coma V. Perdone V. Yo he comido muy bien. Yo he comido con buen apetito. Como V. No puedo comer mas. Tengo mucha de sed.

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    Me muero de sed. Deme V. Tome V. Beba V. Where are you going?

    Desembarco en Indi (El Dios Llorón nº 1) PDF Download - MaximilienUmid

    I am going home. I was going to your house. Where do you come from? I am coming from church. Yo vengo de casa de mi hermano. Vengo de la iglesia. I have just left the school. Salgo de la escuela. Will you go with me? We will go for a walk. We will take a walk. With all my heart, most Bien. What way shall we take? Any way you like. Let us go into the park.

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    Let us take your brother on our way. He is gone out. He is not at home. Can you tell us where he is gone? I cannot tell you precisely. I think he is gone to see his sister. Do you know when he will come back? Vamos al parque. Ha salido. No; no ha dicho nada al marcharse. Questions and Answers. I have a word to say to you. Listen to me.

    Welcome back

    I want to speak to you. What is it you want? I am speaking to you. I am not speaking to you. What do you say? What did you say?