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Yet Deben made no disclosure of his relationship with Drax. How they ever thought it was appropriate for the Chairman of their supposedly independent committee to be receiving payments from the biggest subsidy beneficiary of them of all is extraordinary….

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There we are, sitting atop a world class shale gas resource that these people are seeking to replace with expensive forms of energy, and there they are, seeking to send the country back to the Stone Age. Still, it might solve the immigration problem. This is surely a matter for the fraud squad. Drax must have known that Gummer was behind sancroft, and I would have thought that the police should be investigating whether or not such a payment constituted a bribe.

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As such I would hope that this turns out to be the case and that both Gummer and the personnel at Drax who were involved all go to jail. That in itself makes it illegal!

Who would want to buy a heat pump when they keep putting up electricity prices. For that matter, who would want to buy a new house with a heat pump instead of a gas boiler. This could lead to builders struggling to sell new homes, while older homes became more sought after.


Lord Debens CCC suggestion of a ban on the use of grid provided natural gas in new homes from is another example of how these greens want to make our quality of life significantly worse or even kill us all off from cold. My last house admittedly 18 years ago was a modern new build with no gas. It used electric storage heaters that stored energy overnight on economy 7 and then you could turn them on next day to release the heat. This sounded great on paper but in reality the heaters only managed to give out decent heat for a few hours before they ran out of stored energy.

The house was like a fridge in winter. In the end I paid for gas connection and fitted a gas hob as I cook a lot and those damned halogen hobs were virtually uncontrollable. I can only imagine that people will soon find out how dire electric heating is during a cold winter and will soon be paying for gas to be piped in.

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For example, bettors can wager on the first yellow card, the first objection or the first free kick of the soccer game. According to critics, it's exactly these special betting tactics that lead to manipulation and fixing of games.

Venezuela: The Dodgy Dealings of US-EU Sponsored NGOs at the Colombian Border

To counter the problem, the DFB together is now pushing for a better monitoring system that would be activated as soon as there was suspicion of foul play. Officials are aided by the fact that private bookies, unlike companies like Oddset, require the identification or credit card numbers of their clients. There are also calls for a general betting ban on participating players, club owners and politicians.

But many doubt such a rule's effectiveness.

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Rudi Assauer, manager of Bundesliga team Schalke 04 say it will be easy to get around it. German politicians have now avowed to step up the fight against illegal bookmakes in order to minimize the risk of fraud. But, concrete proposals are still to come and the situation is made worse by the fact that the legal process to nab illegal bookies is highly complicated.

Opinion: A Shadow Over German Soccer

A mass police raid on the premises of 19 football match-fixing suspects has uncovered more proof of manipulation, the Berlin public prosecuter's office confirmed on Wednesday. German soccer has struggled recently.

As Bundesliga teams flounder in Europe, the national side is trying to rebuild after a devastating Euro German referees were the only thing considered world class. Not anymore. It now appears that disgraced referee Robert Hoyzer's match-rigging is the tip of the iceberg in the German soccer scandal. By Ciaran Ryan.

Dodgy Dealings Mark German Bookmaking

By Tessa Knight. DodgyLottery part four: R17 million has been spent on Kuruman facility. DodgyLottery part three: R20 million has been spent on the Credo Mutwa Museum and Library, with very little to show for it. We present evidence to the contrary.