Dom Casmurro (Portuguese Edition)

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Dom Casmurro

As the first chapter -- 'The Title' -- explains, 'Don Casmurro' is a nickname, the meaning not quite the dictionary one for 'casmurro' but rather: "the one the common people give it, of a quiet person who keeps to himself". The narrator is Bento Santiago, who writes from his solitary older age "I live alone, with a servant" , looking back over his life, and especially to the great love of his life. She seems more like seventeen".

It is only when this potential danger, of an improper intimacy, is mentioned that it dawns on the very innocent Bento that his feelings for his longtime childhood friend might be deeper than he had suspected. But the seminary and a future as a priest would derail any possible romance -- and Bento's beloved mother promised god when Bento was still in utero that she would see to it that, if she was blessed with a son, this was the path he would follow and devoted son Bento wouldn't have the strength or willpower to go against her wishes.

Bento quickly realizes Capitu is in love with him too, but she also knows that he can't stand up to his family. You'll go. Capitu ingratiates herself with Bento's mother while he's off at school, playing her disinterested role well -- eventually: "Capitu became the flower of the household, the sun in the morning, the cool of the evening, the moon at nighttime".

Aula sobre o REALISMO - Dom Casmurro

Bento, meanwhile, always has greater difficulty hiding his true feelings -- and concerns. It's eventually understood that Bento won't become a priest, but the would-be lovers are still kept apart, as he is sent off to Europe for a proper education. Capitu worries -- "'If you go,' she said, 'you'll completely forget me'" -- but he vows his love won't be diminished by the distance -- and indeed the relationship seems to remain as strong as ever.

It's some five years until he returns, but by then almost everything is resolved and nothing stands in their way any longer. The novel lingers over the lovers in their younger years, two-thirds of it passing before Bento is even off to Europe.

Dom Casmurro - Joaquim Maria Machado de Assis

I passed my eighteenth, nineteenth, twentieth, twenty-first birthdays; at twenty-two I was a Bachelor of Law. In his absence his best friend from his seminary days, Escobar, is the trusted intermediary passing letters between Capitu and Bento. While Bento is away Escobar also begins his successful business career -- and marries Capitu's best friend.

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And upon Bento's return the love-story can come to its happy conclusion, with Capitu and Bento marrying. Of course, that's not the conclusion, and not the start of any happily everafter.

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Sou Norte Americano, mais eu morava no Brasil por dois anos e ouvi muitas vezes q necessitava ler esse livro. Finalmente consegui e aprendi muito. A beautiful piece of Brazilian literature - it really makes you feel like you are living in Rio years ago! I read Dom Casmurro, by Machado de Assis, while living in Brazil, and also became aware of a variety of opinions about it, as it was mentioned often in the culture paqes of my Brazilian newspaper.

I also read most of the rest of the corpus of Machado's novels. This is probably the greatest novel by one of the world's greatest authors. I read the book in Portuguese and bought this translation to give as a present. This author is good at keeping the reader guessing. What stands out is the author's treatment of the narrator, who is a prime example of what is called an "unreliable narrator. Critics might disagree with me, but I think the "old wizard" himself is posing as the old wizard, quite self-consciously.

Dom Casmurro (Portuguese Edition)

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