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Explore music. Don't Mind Me by Shag. Andrew Bridge. Andrew Bridge Great beats, chilled as usual. Favorite track: Still Alex Holland.

Alex Holland Got hip to Shag about 3 months ago while on a vacation over seas. His album was pretty much the soundtrack to that vacation.

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don't mind me

Joe November. I feel them in my gut. So I need a way to untangle all my emotions. So, I sit down in front of a mirror, look myself into the eyes, and start talking. Now, this may sound crazy, but let me explain how this has helped me. How many times have I felt annoyed, or heavy-hearted, with no clue regarding the reason for that? So, I have found that voicing out loud my thoughts, and making the effort of finding words to describe them has allowed me to flush it all out.

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I got a few Aha! I have found that to be true.

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I would then act upon these feelings, simply because I felt them and assumed that to be enough of a reason. That they are in fact, not valid. So, identifying them by uncovering the layers they are under allows me to be less reactive and simply more aware. Last week I had a pretty hectic week, and by the end of it, had a few homework hanging on my head, in addition to the need to prepare for project meetings. By Friday, I was cooked, ready to throw in the towel at 8PM and just go to bed, even if that meant not submitting a homework that was due that night. But then I sat down in front of my mirror and started talking.

I acknowledged out-loud what I was feeling.