Evacuation Day: A Science Fiction Story

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Set in , this novel imagines a radically different future. Clever invasion novel from the s where aliens introduce devices to disrupt Earth's economy. A world-building novel on a planet with variable surface gravity. Insect-like locals, human explorers. Pure space opera. First in the Culture series, this novel features a sprawling space war between species.

58 Science Fiction Writing Prompts

Quaddies are genetically modified humans used as slaves. They become obsolete and face a grim end. Post-modern plot in a graphic novel. Here are the criteria I used. One book per author, so that was hard on the big three of science fiction — Robert Heinlein , Isaac Asimov and Arthur C Clarke , who each have multiple classic titles to their name. Attempt to show as many sub-genres of science fiction and plot themes as possible.

50 Essential Science Fiction Books

Include early stories that influenced the genre as a whole and launched popular themes, even if those books appear a bit dated today. The War of the Worlds by H. Wells The Martians come to England. A famous example of invasion literature from Odd John by Olaf Stapledon A superhuman novel where supernormal abilities lead to conflict.

Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell Social sci-fi from the era of Soviet growth where a nasty political system defines the plot. Earth Abides by George R.

Stewart Written shortly after Hiroshima, this post-apocalyptic novel imagines the rebuilding process. Foundation by Isaac Asimov The original novel in a pioneering series. An immense plot that I cannot sum up in a sentence. The Illustrated Man by Ray Bradbury 18 masterful and highly imaginative short stories from one of the genre's masters.

A science fiction detective novel featuring telepathy. Ring Around the Sun by Clifford D. See 2 questions about London….

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  6. Shelves: end-of-the-world-as-we-know-it , zombies. The only thing Tayell can't do is catchy titles. Oh, and cover design.

    Besides that, this is easily one of the better apocalypse I've read in years mentally reviews prior reads Yep, that's true. It's too bad the cover design is so pulpy, because this is pretty much the opposite type of story: the diary of an intelligent but perhaps unimaginative person as civilization begins to implode.

    Bartholomew--Bill, to his friends--is at home recovering from a broken leg as he watches the London The only thing Tayell can't do is catchy titles. Bartholomew--Bill, to his friends--is at home recovering from a broken leg as he watches the London evacuation. Jennifer, Bill's closest friend, former business partner, and rising star in the London government has told him to stay put until she can send a car for him. She's the one that broke the news of what appears to be an attack of the living dead when he awakened in the hospital, and told him to stay home instead of evacuate. What follows is Bill's gradual realization that he will have to save himself.

    I assumed that one day, one day soon, that these things outside, undead, zombies, infected, whatever, that one day They would die, and that we could just take back our island. What if we have to fight for it? Bill has a likeable, vaguely self-depreciating voice that was engrossing. At first, he is an intelligent Everyman, albeit with insider information, with a trust in government and society that is admirable, even if a little naive.

    He is a modern white-collar professional and city dweller, suddenly made aware of the inadequacies of his skill sets. Some reviewers note that he felt 'whiny,' which is a description that surprised me. Occasionally little despairing, perhaps, and at war with himself over what to be done next.


    The Best Science Fiction (Sci-Fi) Books for Kids Ages 6 - 16 | Imagination Soup

    Like Hamlet, he is indecisive over his course of action, his broken leg preventing him from easy maneuverability. One reviewer even notes that she thought the narrator was a woman for much of the story. Perhaps that will change as the apocalypse progresses and issues such as survival and continuation of society come into play, but I really enjoyed the gender-free approach. I also appreciated the seemingly slow dissolution of society, although if one keeps strict track of days, the breakdown still works out to be quite fast.

    There questions Bill faces are quite real, quite similar to the range of responses for a hurricane, for instance. Should I shelter in place? What will it take? Should I evacuate? How to plan beyond the next few days? In fact, I'll note that I judged this on a mass-published scale; there were no instance of the awkward phrasing or contrived dialogue that I associate with a beginning writer. There was a nice balance of humor, description and introspection in the narrative--this was definitely not a young-adult level read.

    Flashbacks were well integrated. If there were shortcomings, it is perhaps an ending that feels a bit rushed, and two over-contrived bits in terms of plot development. Bill has access to someone with a surprisingly wide information base, and that also feels a bit over-convenient, but I think that will play a more significant role in the following books.

    On the whole, however, this was an admirable apocalypse tale, and one deserving of far greater attention. On to the next.

    The Best Sci Fi Books

    Shoutout to John for his review on the fourth book, pointing the way towards this series. View all 51 comments. I am currently listening to this and Paradise Lost. I got this for free, and who does not like free stuff right?

    Find a great science fiction book

    If i were to tell you which one is easier to listen to it would easily be Paradise Lost. Rarely have I ever listened to such boring ramblings, most of whom enter into platitudes and banal events that are seemingly told for no reason at all except in order to reach a page-count so that the novel can be published. It is not that I don't enjoy novels with this kind of style.