Exorcism of the Demon Child: African Ndoki

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Every night, at precisely three in the morning, Koffi wanders out of bed and into the family living room. The next morning, he is found tightly clutching an upside-down crucifix.

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There is no sensible explanation, so his father seeks guidance from the local priest, at the behest of Koffi's stepmother, Kanza-but Kanza is not what she appears to be. Due to the stubborn streak of "Ndoki" Koffi is said to possess; his adversaries subject him to two forms of exorcism.

Sanders cares for the children of Kinshasa, and she will fight for the innocent for she does not believe in witches or wicked spells. However, that is her opinion.

Koffi's "power demon" leads to a bazaar equatorial rainforest exorcism, could this be his demise? See All Customer Reviews.

The child witches of Kinshasa

Shop Books. Read an excerpt of this book! Add to Wishlist. USD Overview Witches are said to openly roam the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

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27. Spiritual, Cultural and Religious Beliefs

The affirmations stimulate exploration of spirituality through the key concepts of friendship, soul View Product. Child of a Guardian and of the Free:. The third book in the fantasy trilogy Daoine Maithe - an exciting fantasy adventure by The third book in the fantasy trilogy Daoine Maithe - an exciting fantasy adventure by Dan O'Sullivan. Kelian, newly crowned King of Alkira returns to Castle to begin the massive task of rebuilding.

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On arrival he receives a desperate but Read the Amazing Story of Herobrine's Child! They may not understand that what they are doing is abusive and against the law. Establish the family structure, what are the roles of the adults and who cares for the child?


It is vital that the child is spoken to alone and preferably in a safe environment where they feel comfortable. The use of correct terminology will help you identify whether a child is at risk and may also assist in building a rapport with the child and carer. Terminology differs greatly between cultures and includes:.

Thanks for reading. In the last article on this particular topic, we will look at what we as professionals should do when identifying a child at risk of abuse through belief or faith. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

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