Fausses infidélités, Les (French Edition)

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Support Forums Stats. Cannot those words of bitter irony, with which the Psalmist speaks of idols, be applied to such minds? These words convey a true though humiliating picture of those pitiful characters whom false shame enslaves. They have ears, but will not hear; they have tongues, but will not speak, except to approve of that which is approved of by those around them; they have eyes, yet do not see the meanness and servility of their own conduct.

Did they possess the dignity of character and nobility of sentiment which true religion bestows, which raise man in his own esteem, they could not fall into such a state of debasement and error. Eh quoi! And can you, Israelites! Instead of proudly confessing your belief openly, as befits the nation of priests, will you betray, renounce your God, to crouch before the idols of the world?

And even this is not all.

Les fausses infidélités; comédie en un acte et en vers

False shame in matters of religion leads to infidelity; and then reason is sacrificed, and truth deserted, for the vulgar pomp and worldly advantages of error and apostasy. Thus does false shame in religion become more fatal than were the persecutions of the tyrants of past times, who only tormented the body, while the former corrupts and degrades the soul. But, after all, the world really holds such characters in the lowest estimation. They are degraded in the eyes of the very individuals whom they wish to please, and thus fail utterly in their unworthy object.

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Que sont et que peuvent les hommes pour nous? Let us therefore free ourselves from such a bondage, and throw off the yoke which the opinion of others imposes on us. What can man do for or against us? When, one day, we shall appear before God, can man shield us from His justice?

Let us, then, burst the chains which bind us to worldliness and pleasure, and bear a free and full testimony to the truth. Our fathers did so at the expense of their earthly happiness, our martyrs sealed it with their blood, and we ourselves can readily bear up against sarcasm and ridicule, when it is in the cause of duty and of God.

Isaac Leeser translation Isaac Leeser December 12, — February 1, was an American, Ashkenazi Jewish lay minister of religion, author, translator, editor, and publisher; pioneer of the Jewish pulpit in the United States, and founder of the Jewish press of America. Jonas Ennery Jonas Ennery Jan. Wikisource Contributors proofreading Wikisource is a collaborative transcription site and part of the family of user-generated content sites administered by the Wikimedia Foundation.

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Please reciprocate for any adaptation or redistribution of this work by 1 properly attributing the work to Aharon N. Varady transcription , Isaac Leeser translation , Jonas Ennery , Arnaud Aron and Wikisource Contributors proofreading , 2 clearly indicating the date you accessed the resource and whether any changes have been made and if so, please be in touch with us and leave a comment below so that we might note your adaptation or improvement , 3 providing a link back to this source, and 4 specifying the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike CC BY-SA 4. La Belle jardiniere.

L'Amant malheureux. La Sage precaution. Bonne renommee vaut mieux que ceinture doree. Suite de L'Hermite. Histoire de Cloalde et de Calliste. La Vestale. Histoire de Clodomark. Suite de la Vestale. Uldaric Prince de Boheme. Les Effets de la simpathie. Suite des Effets de la simpathie. Although odd volumes are fairly common on the market, finding a complete set in very good condition is very difficult.

Gonnelli, Libreria L. Collection of 11 Catalogues. Firenze: Libreria L. Catalogues are: Series IV, nos. Decorated stiff paper wrappers. Goodrich, S. Brown morocco, triple fillet border in blind. Within, a central harp with two cupids around it; in each corner two cupids holding onto a large leaf. Pattern repeated on both covers. Flat spine, decorated in gilt with leafy arrangement. A lyre on the bottom and a young girl with a flower in her hand in the middle.

Title and date stamped in gilt. Goodspeed's Book Shop, Inc. Collection of 6 catalogues. Catalogues are: , , , , and Collection of 6 Catalogues.

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Some illustrated. Goodwyn, Edmund. The connexion of life with respiration: or, an experimental inquiry into the effects of submersion, strangulation, and several kinds of noxious airs, on living animals, with an account of the nature of the disease they produce; London: Printed by T. Spilsbury, Snow-hill, for J. Johnson, in St.

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Paul's Church-yard, Upper corner of lower cover damaged. With two plates. Ex Sion College and Stationer's Company libraries. First published, , in Latin, as inaugural dissertation at Edinburgh University under title: Dissertatio medica de morte submersorum. Gorio, Antonio Francesco.

Folio in fours. Engraved title vignette. Eighteenth-century paper boards, repaired. With 21 plates, 13 double-page. Some are plans. First plate after p. Textual illustrations throughout. Gother, John.