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Gus fends off some very pushy collectors and soon realizes he may have crossed paths with treacherous criminals, putting his family at risk.

The safest place they know is about to become the most dangerous… Marcella's husband, Quinn "Black Eagle" Hollister, severed ties to his family and friends on the Seneca reservation years ago. He rarely mentions his past-until his young cousin Kitty collapses on the couple's doorstep in the dead of a rainswept night.

After two Seneca men break into their home with intent to kill, the Hollisters flee with the mute and injured girl to Tall Pines, their cabin in the Adirondacks. Boston, Massachusetts: It's the summer of 'the parks are flooded with flower children and a hot new band called Led Zeppelin is set to appear at the Boston Tea Party. But for one newlywed couple just beginning their lives together, there will be no peace. In the cradle of sex, drugs, and rock 'n roll, Gus and Elsbeth LeGarde are music students attending the New England Conservatory of Music, after a wedding kept secret from their families.

After two years of brutal captivity, Portia Lamont has escaped and returned to her family's Vermont horse farm - only to find her parents gone to New York to try an experimental treatment for her mother's cancer, and her childhood friend Boone Hawke running the farm. The man Boone has become frightens her to near paralysis, but she's too traumatized and physically devastated to put up a fight.

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They say it's better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. Finn McGraw disagrees. He was just 17 when he had a torrid summer affair with the girl who stole his heart - and then turned on him. Now, 10 years later, he's got more than his lost love to worry about.

A horrific accident turns his life upside down, resurrecting the ghosts of his long-dead family and taking the lives of the few people he has left. Finn always believed his estranged brother was responsible for the fire that killed their family - but an unexpected inheritance throws everything he knows into doubt. When young Gus LeGarde befriends a cranky old hermit in the woods who speaks to an Oneida Indian spirit named Penaki, he wonders if the man is nuts.

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But when Penni rattles tin cups, draws on dusty mirrors, and flips book pages, pestering them to find evidence to avenge her past and free her from earthly bondage, things change. Marcella's first love has been MIA for eighteen years. Callie, her best friend and Sky's sister, flips out when a mysterious package from Sky arrives on her doorstep. Inside his old backpack are bottles of precious essential oils, a memory stick, and a bag of emeralds.

Are these his final effects?

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Or is Sky alive? When Marcella's husband Quinn hears about it, his jealousy spikes. He and Marcella have been married for seven years, and he's not about to let some punk from the past mess that up. Gus LeGarde's life essentially ended four years ago, when his beloved wife, Elsbeth, leapt from the Letchworth Gorge cliffs. These days, the music professor plays endless Chopin etudes on his antique piano and lavishes love on his family and dog - but nothing buries the pain or answers his burning questions. What made her jump?

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Gregory L Heitmann. Hunt for the Troll. I have never heard of either Cozy Cat Press or any of your authors! So glad to find you and to enter your contest. I love mysteries - especially cozies - and now I have lots of new titles to look into! An amazing give away and introduction to more cozies to explore. Thank you. Cozy Cat Press sounds intriguing. Hadn't heard of it, but I love the name. What a great giveaway! I just got a whole new list of books to start, seriously adore the name Cozy Cat!

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My cat would have loved them! Thank you for introducing all these authors -- some I was already familiar with, most not. Cozy mysteries are my "go to" books - sort of like comfort food.. This is a wonderful Giveaway!! Thank you so much for a chance to win. Whoa Lisa You've done a beautiful job of introducing these authors and some of their writings. Thank you! I have now added several to my TBR list. I've read two books by Glen Ebisch but they weren't from the Cozy Cat Press not when they were published before.

I think the books by this publisher are harder to find and probably not available at the library. Wish I had known about contest and entered because I see some winners haven't claimed their prizes. Monday, May 18, I am so excited to be featuring. Cozy Cat Press. CCP is a publishing company featuring. I bet you've read some Cozy Cat books and didn't even know it. So, sit back and enjoy getting to learn about these amazing authors. Information on the prizes can be.