Find Your Dream Job Fast! The 4 Point Plan for Successful Job Hunting

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If this is you, then you want to look carefully at each job posting, examine the culture of the work environment, dig deep into their mission statement, and then apply with full force. If you choose this route, then you should definitely make something custom to stand out among the other applicants.

My dream job or so I believe is to work with CreativeLive. When I was applying to CreativeLive I spent 2 months planning and shooting this video , where I teach a mock lesson of why they should hire me. I received a phone and in-person interview. After stewing in my devastation for 6weeks, I realized that they were right. So while I was waiting for the right position to open up I decided to take approach number 2, and damn did it pay off.

Before we dive into the how let me explain the why. There are three main reasons for this:. I used to wait weeks or even months at a time for a company to get back to me about my application. According to Fast Company the problem is getting worse each year. On average it now takes a company 52 days to fill a job opening.

And even after you get an interview it takes an additional 23 days to actually be selected for the job. If at all possible, do some research and make some inquiries while you're still employed. When speaking with colleagues or potential employers about your job search, be sure to mention that you'd like to keep things confidential--the last thing you want is for word to get back to your employer before you've found your next job. When looking for work, time can be your friend.

20 Little Known Ways to Get Hired Fast

Instead of sitting on your hands waiting for the perfect job to surface, use that time to work on building your personal brand. This will prove useful for our fifth tip. Use the sections on there to create a strong profile. This is when you have filled in most of the information, and also attached related media or documents.

For example, you can attach your resume in the summary section which makes it easier for a head hunter on LinkedIn to directly download and see your resume in one go without having to track you down through messages. Use the Pulse blog forum to write about things that interest you professionally or creatively. Your photograph need not be uptight and sombre — smile a little, be approachable. It is also very important to always try and connect with the job poster for the jobs you have saved or applied to.

At the very least, it means you have done everything you could have - this can take off the edge on waiting for that call back. This is much more direct than going through a third-party website such as LinkedIn. You can also email the HR department with the job ID to ask for updates. They usually conduct initial tests on the website itself making it easier for you to get to the next level if shortlisted. In LinkedIn, all job posts come with company names, job poster details and more. What I did was create a database of all the companies I applied to, along with a phone number and email that I found directly from their website.

I also added the date of application in a column to keep track of how long it had been since I applied. A couple of days ideally a week after you apply on the job site, LinkedIn or company website, use your new phone book and make a series of cold calls to your favourites on the list. And a major thing here is — be prepared for insulting remarks and a plain old phone hang-up — phone operators, receptionists and even recruiters can be harsh. However, if you called 10, odds are that one of them would direct you to the HR team and they would note down your name.

The logic here is, when they do come across your actual application sent via normal forums weeks ago, they might remember your name and that call. And from the first point of this article, if you did it right, they know you are good for the job in six seconds. Personally, I spent more than seven months unemployed in Dubai — a highly expensive and unproductive phase of my life.

It really worked for me, making me able to talk intelligently about things I took an interest in. I even started a blog; so, new skills gained while also keeping me productive, or sane. This is by far the most important of them all. Living in the UAE without a job is very hard and getting a job is also quite hard — but that is not, in any way, a reflection of your capabilities and skills. In the big plan of life, there is always something good waiting around the corner. For example: What are you trying to find out?

See how your tactics will be different for each approach? Read about all 12 of the Parachute Approach aspects in the book by Richard N.

How To Manifest A Job Offer Using The Law Of Attraction

Bolles, What Color is Your Parachute? Plus, each chapter is short and sweet; no never-ending chapters--a struggle to get thorough just one chapter, let alone the whole book. The author provides easy-to-use, fill-in-the-blank templates to introduce yourself. Getting into the mindset of never giving up can help you move forward. Taking a very short break from job hunting can bring you back into the job search arena fresh and ready to go.

Revamping your job search can work wonders for a boost in results. There is no substitute. We all have great work experience to share on our resume and cover letter, while networking, and at the job interview. Over 10 years of experience as a technical writer. Experience driving a forklift truck. Public relations experience working at one of the top 5 PR firms in the nation.

Experienced cake decorator, specializing in wedding cakes. Ten years of experience coaching a high school basketball team. Writer experienced in technical writing.

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Much more. What if you could take your workforce experience and morph it into something that really makes you shine and get noticed by a hiring company? And, most importantly, land a fabulous job?

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Take your experience and extract the results, achievements, outcomes, accomplishments, and your strengths. To get started, think along these lines:.

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  5. Next, use those results, achievements, outcomes, strengths, and accomplishments and create high-impact, attention-grabbing statements to help position you as an ideal candidate. As a job seeker, get in the habit of presenting yourself more through your accomplishments, strengths, results, outcomes, and achievements and less from your experience side.

    Although necessary and wonderful, work experience can come across as flat and lifeless. Your accomplishments and achievements from your career, on the other hand, have a multi-dimensional impact and delve more into your track record as a professional. We all know we need to network to find a job. But, networking can seem challenging, uncomfortable, and elusive—an out-of-reach task for many of us. Really, not so. Want to enhance your networking skills and take them to the next level? Then this book is for you. In his book Friend of a Friend…Understanding the Hidden Networks that Can Transform Your Life and Your Career , author David Burkus author, speaker, and associate professor of leadership and innovation at Oral Roberts University takes networking to a whole new level, backing it up with solid research and inspiring real-life stories.

    The Step by Step Guide to Getting Your Job in the USA

    Here are some chapter titles and quotes from his book:. All these people can help you get closer to a great job. Every person you meet is a potential bridge person for your next job. Think diversity in your networking plan. Expand and share beyond your niche area and see the value in connecting with a variety of people from all areas of life—who just might be able to assist you with your job hunt. As a super-connector, you have access to mega amounts of people, ideas, referrals, and potential jobs. Same with networking.

    It takes practice to polish your networking skills. Become more refined at networking, it then becomes simple and seemingly magical. Think along these lines--volunteering, team sports, planning an event, activities involving teamwork.

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    5. Sharing an activity can mean sharing ideas and resources about jobs and career.