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What do "ends" and "means" mean? First, I need the definitions for "ends" and "means" Then incorporate them into a few phrases: some end beyond their means as a means to an end rather than as an end in itself.

Day 11 (video 3) - Ends and Means (3)

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Means and Ends

The means are the methods you use. The ends are the goals or the final results. How you do something is more important than what you achieve if you say the means are more important than the ends. Although he knew his way around numbers and studied economics in the College of Staten Island, Chiellino said that, when he landed a part-time job at Title Guarantee Title Insurance Company during his college years, it was simply a means to an end until his finished his degree.

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Bruce Carlson gave the officers an overview of the enemy and how it exploits Islam and uses terrorism as a means to an end. He said Islamic terrorists seek to overthrow and control moderate nations.

Confusing Means and Ends

Air Force Print News Oct. The intent was probably okay, but the means to an end was problematic.

Homework turns into risque business. Form is as much a means to an end , as an end in itself, and in consideration of this site and this family Fobert set about generating a distinctive and specifically shaped concrete figure; a compelling object in its own right, that would reinforce and support the decrepit structure; open up and connect upper and lower ground floors--to creating the desired scale of spaces; and reorder the spatial sequencing--to break up the traditional arrangement of front room, back room and rear extension.

Inner realm: with a combined interest in the sculptural use of concrete and the process of making domestic rooms, Jamie Fobert creates a new family home within the shell of a not so humble Victorian terrace.

Instrumental and intrinsic value

Massey, basketball is a means to an end , not an end in itself, however. Finally, the essay connects these theories in a means and ends framework to provide a context for understanding arts entrepreneurial activity, especially in the US arts and culture sector.

The theory that emerges from the examples provided to illustrate the framework is a simple one: artists form firms or otherwise undertake entrepreneurial action toward the end of creating art sustainably and they do so by discovering or creating new connections between their means and that desirable end. The author thanks Drs.

William Gartner, Tamara Underiner, Stephani Etheridge Woodson, and Woong Jo Chang for invaluable feedback on earlier versions as well as the two anonymous reviewers whose thoughtful comments have resulted in a stronger article.

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