Guantánamo: An American History

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While Spain was unprepared to sustain a war in its distant territories, America was ready and eager to show off its military strength. American attention then turned to the liberation of Cuba. Spain lost its colonial empire, and the United States emerged with greater influence in international affairs and an increased sense of national pride.

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Whither Guantánamo

Panoramic View of Havana, showing the entrance to the harbor and inner harbor… R. Smith, c Panoramic Photographs.

Edward H. Hart, photographer, [between and ].

Detroit Publishing Company. Troops Making Military Road in front of Santiago. The Spanish-American War in Motion Pictures includes sixty-eight films of the first war in which the motion picture played a role.

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In Franklin D. Expanded during World War II, the site became a strategic refuelling and distribution depot for military and merchant shipping during the war, and a training site for anti-submarine activities.

How We Got Guantanamo | AMERICAN HERITAGE

Things changed radically with the revolution of the s. Free access for workers ended in , and heightened security was installed on both sides of the perimeter.

The base remained a focus of Cold War tension until the collapse of the Soviet Union in Many were declared economic, not political, migrants, and were returned to Haiti. The camp was declared unconstitutional and closed. Many in Congress oppose him. Presidential contenders have been asked their views.

Guantánamo: An American History

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders support Obama, agreeing that the site is a recruiting tool for fighters against the US around the world. On the other side, Cuban-American Ted Cruz advocates not just keeping the camp open, but growing it. Donald Trump also wants it bigger. Whoever wins the presidency in November is doomed to inherit an ancient problem. Good luck to them.