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Yeah, I can see the connections now. Before I turn it over to you again, I want to point out how terrific every actor is in this film. Louise Fletcher is perfect as Nurse Ratched, with an icy control over her emotions, an evil disconnect from her patients, and yet enough grace notes to make us think she really believes her ways to be best though there is also a clear element of revenge when she says she believes she can help McMurphy. Leftridge : Jesus Christ, you did great work on the New Testament allusion. The whole disciple angle seems fairly clear to me.

I would place Billy in the Judas role, though; after all, when Nurse Ratched demanded that Billy name those responsible for initiating the rendezvous with Candy, Billy gave McMurphy up. Also like Judas, Billy later killed himself. Does the fact that McMurphy stays behind rather than escaping equate to a sacrifice? He beat up two of the guards! Nicholson has so many moments of greatness in this film -- the basketball scene, the attempt to lift the water fountain, the World Series improvisation, the electric-shock therapy session.

Jack is crazy good. On their sophomore album, Trigger Hippy cement their reputation as a hard-working American rock band with a bright future.

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Co-founder Steve Gorman says, "This feels special and that's worth protecting. OMD's first three albums were crucial in the development of ambitious, intellectual, art-pop. They also led to the emergence of a whole generation of electronic pop groups that have continually influenced artists up to this day. This is a film that one needs to savor and contemplate, a film that captures the tribulations of this world and the evanescent truth that lies beneath them.

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Black Marble leaves behind the obscure, lo-fi, and dim essence of the past for the brighter, more melodic, synthpoppy Bigger Than Life. On their first collaboration since , a meeting of experimental musical minds has produced an album full of quiet, off-kilter introspection. Enjoy this excerpt, courtesy of Princeton University Press. The companion piece to Sunn O 's masterful Life Metal completes the most organic and minimal chapter in the drone masters' journey.

Although not as well known as John Carpenter or Brian DePalma, Fred Walton brilliantly complicates that old mystery -- is the killer in the house? After some adventurous wilderness time, Mikal Cronin builds on his indie rock style to draft a compelling new direction with Seeker. The Doors' fourth album was a deeply polarizing work and perhaps their most difficult to love.

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But the 50 th anniversary deluxe edition goes a long way in spotlighting its many highlights. Magdalene makes an unpredictable turn wherein FKA twigs traverses an introverted dimension of her vision through a minimalist perspective and a sense of controlled extravagance. In The Man Without Talent , Tadao Tsuge captures the element of fantasy reflected in the childish utopianism of free market capitalism and the committed entrepreneurs who are its happy-go-lucky evangelists.

BAILE's "Winte" is a richly detailed electronic piece that sees him connecting the dots between the organic and the synthetic. How are humans regulating the internet through hashtags? What kind of algorithms are generating the content in your feeds? Best read Elizabeth Losh's Hashtag. William Doyle speaks to PopMatters about the end of East India Youth, his experience of living in the suburbs, and how his new album, Your Wilderness Revisited , came into being.

A flop in , but now looked on as one of popular music's finest albums, does this expansive 4AD reworking of Gene Clark's No Other confirm its greatness, or reveal a case of the emperor's new clothes? She's as tall as he is. She's got on high-heeled shoes and is carrying a black purse, not by the strap, but holding it the way you hold a book.

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Her fingernails are red as drops of blood against the shiny black patent-leather purse. The cigarette shakes as he places it between his lips. He and his wife haven't moved toward each other yet. McMurphy heaves up out of his chair and pulls his cap off as he walks over. Harding's wife looks at him and smiles, lifting one of her eyebrows. She smiles back bigger than before and says, "I hate Mrs. Harding, Mack; why don't you call me Vera? While Harding's telling the story he gets enthusiastic and forgets about his hands, and they weave the air in front of him into a picture clear enough to see, dancing the story to the tune of his voice like two beautiful ballet women in white.

His hands can be anything. But as soon as the story's finished he notices McMurphy and his wife are watching the hands, and he traps them between his knees. He laughs about this, and his wife says to him, "Dale, when are you going to learn to laugh instead of making that mousy little squeak? She asks for a cigarette, and Harding dips his fingers in his pocket again and it's empty.

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  4. That doesn't seem to leave a man any margin for chivalry, Vera my dearest. No matter; you know the answer to the question, whichever way you intended it.

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    McMurphy, Vera's English rivals yours for illiteracy. Look, honey, you understand that between 'no' and 'any' there is--" "All right! That's enough! I meant it both ways. I meant it any way you want to take it. I meant you don't have enough of nothing period!

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    Can you handle a simple little thing like offering a girl a cigarette? He looks down at it like he wishes it wasn't, then says, "Sure, I always got cigarettes. Reason is, I'm a bum. I bum them whenever I get the chance is why my pack lasts longer than Harding's here. He smokes only his own. So you can see he's more likely to run out than--" "You don't have to apologize for my inadequacies, my friend. It neither fits your character nor complements mine. She talks some more about some of Harding's friends who she wishes would quit dropping around the house looking for him. She stands suddenly and says it's time for her to go.

    She takes McMurphy's hand and tells him she hopes she sees him again sometime and she walks out of the library. McMurphy can't say a word. At the clack of her high heels everybody's head comes up again, and they watch her walk down the hall till she turns out of sight. McMurphy starts. What do you want out of me? A marriage counsellor?

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    All I know is this: nobody's very big in the first place, and it looks to me like everybody spends their whole life tearing everybody else down. I know what you want me to think; you want me to feel sorry for you, to think she's a real bitch. Well, you didn't make her feel like any queen either. Well, screw you and 'what do you think? So just quit! Quit bugging me, goddammit! All the Acutes are looking at each other with their mouths open. What's he hollering at them about?