How to build a High Quality Potman with Wheelbarrow Planter

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In fact, one might be forgiven for thinking that he is part of a government disability program; the unfortunate victim of some industrial accident involving a runaway locomotive perhaps or something even more terrible that has left him minus a leg or two.

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That illusion is dispelled come the month of December. Suddenly, our paraplegic Mad Max turns into a different man. He leaps from the van in sprightly fashion and marches up the driveway with the mail tucked under one arm, reaching out to offer me a warm handshake with the other and greeting me as though we have been sharing a beer or two together everyday for years. Hidden inside the mail is a small pile of cheap calendars plastered with the French national postal logo and a choice of photos, many of which bear little resemblance to anything French: a mountain in the Himalayas or a gazelle somewhere in Africa and, of course, several cute little kittens.

The primary function of this calendar is not to mark off the days of the week or passage of the months.

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Ostensibly, the calendar is a gift from the post office to you, their wonderful customer. I have no problem with the system.

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My own facteur drew the short straw and gets to ride around my village on a rickety scooter in all types of weathe,r so I feel he deserves whatever he can squeeze out of us. Toward the bearer of post on the estate however, our semi paraplegic kamikaze driver, I hold different feelings altogether. Technically he and I are at war and this Christmas truce is just an uneasy and temporary affair. In this part of France, the Iris thrives despite the shallow soil and harsh climatic conditions.

It was the flower of the Royal standard in France until the French revolution. At that point, it went decidedly out of fashion because of its close association with royalty and even being seen with one embroidered onto your clothing could result in a quick trip to the guillotine. Today, the anti-iris fanaticism has faded away and once again these useful garden plants are widely enjoyed.

I love to plant at the base of the stone boundary walls surrounding the estate. The conditions at the foot of these walls are always dry and virtually devoid of soil and for a few short weeks each spring these hardy plants put on a stunning purple display highlighted against the ancient stonework, where few other plants would even survive. However this means that the facteur is obliged to either get out of his van to get to the mailbox or drive over my plants.

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In the beginning, he chose the latter option. I used them to set out a neat boundary to my garden beds. For the moment, the truce holds but, I suspect, only until the end of the festive season when hostilities will be renewed…by both sides. A horticulturist for more than 20 years who has professionally gardened in the UK, France and Africa, he writes regularly on gardening, food and environmental issues for magazines and Web sites in the U.

You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You may need to bring ceramic and terra cotta pots indoors during freezing weather, as they tend to crack more easily.

Also, certain flower pots and planters may overheat your plants and flowers during hot and sunny weather if care is not taken to keep them in the shade. This durable Etagere-style cream off white metal baker's rack offers exceptional storage and convenience folding for portability and storage. Each shelf is surrounded by beautiful ornate The functional yet stylish designs make every piece in this collection ideal for any indoor rooms kitchen library deck patio More Product Details Close More saving.

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Advice How to repair patches in your lawn How to put up a fence How to lay a patio How to create a new lawn from artificial turf How to lay decking How to paint a shed How to plant hanging baskets Lawnmower buying guide Breathe new life into your patio with wooden planters. An attractive addition to any outdoor space, mix and match your planters with different shapes and sizes to create a feature in your space.

Explore the range of garden pots and planters at Homebase and find those perfect for your garden. We have detected that JavaScript has been disabled in your browser. Please enable JavaScript in your browser settings to enhance your experience. One of the most satisfying projects any homeowner can start is a garden, whether looking for something to enhance the aesthetics or to provide food for the family.

Wayfair carries extra large planters that are wonderful for bringing life and color to any space, with a wide selection of styles and designs. Everyone will love these planters, from serious gardeners to weekend hobbyists. Whether indoors or outdoors, shop for one of these amazing planters today. Gardening doesn't have to be backbreaking. Forget the constant bending down or crawling on hands and knees with Wayfair's raised planters.

These extra large planters will sit at a more comfortable height, making garden maintenance an easily accessible breeze. They may also come in tiered models, which is an attractive way to enhance the patio decor. Too busy for regular upkeep? Try a self-watering planter. These extra large planters are great for the homeowner who may be forgetful, or not in the home often enough.

They can be watered less frequently, so keeping those plants happy and healthy will take less time. Wayfair's extra large planters come in plenty of different materials. The most popular material is wood, with a wide selection of different painted or natural options available.

There are also metal and plastic models, ideal for wall- or railing-mounted styles. - Online Home Store for Furniture, Decor, Outdoors & More

Glass and ceramic work best as indoor planters. Make the home a happier, healthier place with these extra large planters. Whether looking for flowers to accent the established design scheme, or wanting to grow enough for for the table, these planters are a crucial final touch for any home. Wayfair's selection of window boxes and railing-mounted planters will make hobby gardeners fall in love, while their raised beds come in a number of different designs that will please even the pickiest green thumb.

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Don't miss out on these amazing deals, shop today and find something that will impress friends and family alike. Mini Iska Planter.

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  • Elkstone Pot - Small. Elkstone Pot - Large. Withington Pot - Small. Withington Pot - Large. Bowl - Stone. Set of 2 Pots - Stone. Rectangular Planter: L 60 x D 20 x H 34cm.

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    Large Rectangula Large Garden Planters in a range of 4 Bright Colours. Milan Garden Planters. These plastic planters, containing rec Large Plastic Plant Pot in 13 Sizes. Features two-tier drainage holes to ensure the plant roots don't get waterlogged. Large handmade wooden garden decking planters. The bases are also made from 32mm decking, not plywood. Due to the size and weight of this item we Display blooming and colourful flowers in your back garden insid