Injustice For All (Justice Seekers series Book 1)

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You may be able to access this content by login via Shibboleth, Open Athens or with your Emerald account. If you would like to contact us about accessing this content, click the button and fill out the form. Contact us. Share feedback. This could use a good editor. Story is relatively simplistic. Just ok Jul 11, Mary rated it really liked it. Enjoyed this first of the series book. Looking forward to the rest of the series!

Feb 12, Victor Gentile rated it it was amazing. From the back cover: A federal judge lies bleeding on his office floor, betrayed by a most unlikely source—people who helped him bring criminals to justice. What would you do if you saw a murder committed and you knew who the murderer was? I probably would run for my life also even though that is not really the best response as the problem has not gone away.

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God keeps close watch on us and when we make our mistakes He knows how to fix them. Sounds easy but the thrill ride that this story turns out to be is anything but easy as the two have to join forces to bring this case to a satisfying conclusion. This book will certainly keep you guessing. I recommend this book highly. I am greatly looking forward to book two in the series. If you would like to listen to interviews with other authors and professionals please go to www. To listen to 24 hours non-stop Christian music please visit our internet radio station www. I was not required to write a positive review.

The opinions I have expressed are my own. Mar 17, Laura rated it it was amazing. Federal judge, Daniel Tate, lies dying in his home office, betrayed by those who help him bring criminals to justice.

The killers think the judge is home alone… Remington Wyatt, the goddaughter of Daniel Tate, was home and recognized the killers. She sets off the alarm for security before she reaches Daniel. Prior to the arrival of the police, she promises to take the contents of his safe as he breathes out his last dying wish. Out of fear for her life, she takes the contents and does Federal judge, Daniel Tate, lies dying in his home office, betrayed by those who help him bring criminals to justice.

Out of fear for her life, she takes the contents and does the only thing that she knows to do … run! She vows, however, to find justice for his death, as this is personal. The Daniel Tate murder is the first one assigned. What he finds in the case baffles him, and leads him to the town of Hopewell, Louisiana. Robin Caroll, in Injustice for All, brings on the suspense from the very first page, leaving you terrified for Remington, wondering if the killers see her. I found myself almost holding my breath for her as she attempts to remain hidden.

The loving touch of Remington as she holds Daniel before he expires is heart-wrenching, yet tender. I could feel the urgency in his voice as he pleads with her to take the safe contents. The first scene is just a teaser to envelop you into the characters and scenarios. Her characters are complex, manipulative, interesting, and sometimes even delightful. The terror and danger of the circumstances keep you wondering how Robin will pull it all together.

But pull it together, she did! The suspense is heart-stopping at times, causing your to stop and catch your breath! The romance almost has you laughing at times, as Rafe does not know how to conduct himself. Robin has several themes that reverberate throughout the book: love, fear, trust, forgiveness, faith in God, and surrender.

There are lessons for all to learn from. Check out her website listed below for a list of her other suspense-pounding books. No monetary compensation was exchanged. May 01, Patricia rated it it was ok. I think the flashback or flash forward as the case may be device helped not at all. This was particularly enhanced worsened by the incompleteness of it--one flashback scenerio going on three years later than the other but not identified as a flashback and not accounting for or indicating that suddenly the old flashback would end with several years unaccounted for.

It would have been much better to have just told "Bella's" story straight with dates above the appropriate chapters and then dates as the story segued to the "current" setting. Next, I absolutely do not believe Ardy would have told Bella something she had hidden so deeply for 40 years or however long.

I recognize that coincidences happen all the time in these romance suspense books but because I've been given no rationale for Bella ending up where she did, I. I needed more up front to validate that. I question the credibility of the platonic nature of the relationship between Hayden and Bella. So I have now finished the story just because I had purchased the book. I scan-read a lot and finished--I never took off my skepticalsand finishing means an automatic two-star rating.

Injustice For All A Justice Seekers Novel

So great! It's been awhile since I've had a book I couldn't put down!! This story grabs you from the beginning and doesn't let go.

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So glad another author I read recommended this one and now I have a new author to read! Dec 11, Sandie rated it really liked it. Remington has just survived a nightmare. She was in the house, unknown, when assassins broke in and killed her godfather, a powerful federal judge. Even worse, she can identify the killers and they are men she thought she could trust.

Now she realises that her only hope of survival is to run. Luckily, her work as a forensic psychologist has prepared her to do this efficiently. Three years later, Bella, as she is now known, has found some peace. She has run hundreds of miles and reinve Remington has just survived a nightmare. She has run hundreds of miles and reinvented herself.

She is living in a small rural town where she has found friends and contentment. That is about to change. Rafe is an FBI agent, newly transferred to another office. As the new guy, he is given the task of trying to find some way forward on cold cases. He hits on the judge's murder and as he reads through the case file, finds a clue that brings him to the little town where Bella now lives.

Even worse, his clue involves her best friend, the sheriff. His interest in the case gets back to the killers who now know exactly where to go to finish the job of killing off the only witness to their crime.

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Can Bella find a way to survive this new threat? Robin Carroll has written an interesting mystery. The pace is fast enough to keep the reader's interest, without being so breakneck that it is tiring to read. The characters are portrayed realistically enough that a connection is made to them. The resolution is satisfying while not feeling overly packaged. Carroll has written eleven previous books and writes in the Christian fiction genre.

While this book is recommended for readers of that genre, any mystery reader will enjoy this one. Nov 23, Linda B rated it really liked it. When a young woman witnesses her godfather's murder, she goes on the run and begins a new life. FBI agent, Rafe Baxter is also making difficult changes in his life when his career takes an unexpected turn, and he is assigned a cold case to solve. The character of Rafe is outstanding.

He is likeable, sincere, and a man of faith. Remington's character was a little too frenetic at the beginning, but a contrast developed later and balanced it out.

Rafe's story is so good that I hope to see his character in a sequel. My only real criticism of the story is that the term "Oh my stars" was used so many times in the first part of the book, that it almost made me quit reading. I am glad I didn't because the book turned out to be an enjoyable read. As for the matters of faith in the book, Rafe was the example of a thoughtful Christian man.