La marmite (French Edition)

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Next up for the main plates is the tagliatelle emiliano ragu served with tender pieces of beef.

French word for pot is la marmite

The star of the menu is the magret de canard or the pan-peppered duck breast. It is pan-roasted skin-side down, and served over polenta mixed with cheese and orange pieces.

Marmite Marks the Triumphant Return of Seattle's French Cuisine King

The sweetness of the orange is a very nice contrast to the fatty taste of the duck. Extremely tender and juicy, this duck breast dish alone is worth a trip to La Marmite. The deconstructed lemon pie is served over an Italian meringue, French meringue, and lemon custard. The caramelized crust adds a nice, strong, crunchy contrast to the sweet custard underneath.

All in all, the food served here is excellent and a great value for the quality of food.


If you want to experience great French food in a comfortable setting, then visit La Marmite in Haebangchon. Why vegan?

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La Pêche à la marmite (French Edition)

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Great value - La Marmite de l'Abbaye

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