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Later, Charles was banished from the Island for poor conduct and Ben became the leader of the Others. Radio signals from the Island attracted a French science team to the Island in While the entire team survived the shipwreck, the smoke monster killed several of them and Danielle Rousseau killed the rest, believing them infected with a sickness.

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She lived on the Island till her death. Henry Gale 's balloon crashed on the Island sometime around July and a drug smugglers' plane crashed on the Island sometime between the late s and early s.

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On September 22, , Oceanic Flight crashed on the Island. At least 70 passengers survived the crash, and they met the Island's other inhabitants, including Desmond, Rousseau and the Others.

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A few months later, the Swan imploded, revealing the Island to the outside world, at which point Widmore then sent armed mercenaries to the Island. In response, and to avoid further outside incursions, Ben utilized the frozen wheel to move the Island through space and time. Three years later, Ajira Flight landed on Hydra Island. The Man in Black managed to kill Jacob, but the survivors' leader, Jack, defeated him soon after in the Battle for the Island when the cork on the Island's Heart was removed, rendering him mortal.

Jack killed the Man in Black by kicking him off the Island's cliff and sacrificed himself to save the Island. Another survivor, Hurley , became the Island's new protector with Ben Linus as his new second in command. He changed the rules that governed it, planning to let people leave freely and only come if they chose to. According to the scale of Danielle Rousseau 's maps, the Island is 60 km 40 mi north to south, and about 45 km 30 mi east to west.

The diameter of the Island has been shown to be a several-days' walk, as demonstrated by the Tailies traveling to join the midsection survivors, by Kate and Sawyer's return from the Hydra Island , and by Kate, Locke, Sayid and Rousseau's journey to The Flame and then to the Barracks. The Island has many different geographical zones. There is a very distinctive coastline comprised mostly of beach sand. Some of the beach is rocky and hard to navigate, such as the cove where Kelvin kept the Elizabeth " Live Together, Die Alone " , and a rocky peninsula that the Tailies went around rather than over to save time " Abandoned ".

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A cape was mentioned by Locke " The Little Prince ". There also appear to be steep cliff faces that drop off into the sea, such as where Dave is seen jumping away from Hurley. Jungle and forest seem to make up most of the interior of the Island. Although they run together, there are distinct differences between them: the forest appears to be more sparse, with smaller trees; while the jungle appears to be more dense, with more hanging vines over-head. Within the jungle area is also the dark territory , a dangerous area where the Monster seems to roam. In the hills is a plateau called the Mesa where Hurley 's golf course was located.

There is also a cliff next to some mountains that was viewed from afar by Sayid , Charlie , and Ana Lucia while searching for Henry Gale 's balloon. Finally, multiple ravines exist on the Island, such as one that Jack nearly fell into, or one which was crossed by Hurley and Charlie using a rickety rope bridge. There are mountains throughout the Island, including at least one volcano in the South. There are two main ridges, both stretching from North to South.

The valley between the mountain ridges contains rivers , streams, and waterfalls. Part of it is known as the North Valley. There is also a lake located next to the sonar fence.

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An area named Pascal Flats is shown on Ben's map , however, not much is known of this area other than it is south of the Barracks and the Pearl , and southwest of the radio tower. There is at least one volcano on the Island. Olivia mentions to her class how the Island had volcanic reactions occurring "a long time ago", suggesting it was dormant or extinct. There are several clues to the Island being volcanic. The general topography of the Island is typical of a volcanic island, such as the apparent lava-formed coastlines.

The powdery substance surrounding Jacob's cabin also looked similar to volcanic ash. The sign Bernard was making in " S. Moreover, The Barracks appear to sit in a crater-like formation, possibly a caldera or volcanic crater. Finally, Jack and Sayid surmised that the Swan 's power source was geothermal. While volcanic activity is not required for geothermal power, it makes the process much easier. When Desmond removes the cork stone within the Heart in " The End ", temporarily extinguishing the light, the hole where the cork resided fills with the orange glow of "unseen molten activity," [1] and the entire Island including Hydra Island begins to shake and disintegrate.

It thus appears that the Heart is at least partly responsible for holding volcanic and seismic activity on the Island at bay, and that it is volcanic activity that threatens to destroy the Island in the series finale. Sites remain from a number of Island crashes and shipwrecks.

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The Black Rock stood deep in the jungle till it exploded in The Drug smugglers' plane was perched above the Pearl for some years before it fell to the ground below. Henry Gale's balloon still hangs in a tree. Flight 's tail crashed in the water, and its the tide swept away most of its middle section , but its cockpit remains in the jungle. Oceanic 's passengers created several locations to survive on the seemingly deserted Island. They lived at a beach camp , though some temporarily lived in caves.

They made a garden to grow food and a graveyard for their dead. They began building a church , which later turned into a sweat lodge. The tail section survivors built a tiger pit for prisoners.

The survivors also made a golf course for recreation, and they sometimes swam at a waterfall. Most of these stations have been destroyed, abandoned, ceased functioning, or are in a general state of disrepair. They also built several docks, including the wharf and the Pala Ferry. Horace Goodspeed built a cabin. They lived in one camp in the s and set up another near the beach after they left the Barracks. They used a primitive village while in the Barracks to hide their true nature, and a door at the entrance mimicked the entrance to a DHARMA station.

The Others also built a runway on Hydra Island. Many of the group lived at an ancient Temple. Ho hum. Hopefully the next update will be worth this really, really long wait! I love this game, I really do. But some things need improvements. Such when you do a hard level you only get one star, I think if you beat a hard level you should get at least two stars. Because once you get farther into the game the stars you have to use in order to complete a task increase. Honestly the maximum star amount on a task should only be one.

And I can not pass it. I think you should receive a coin for each second of the video. I also think a great idea would be receiving coins every hour. And or receiving more coins when completing a level. Other than that.

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Just needs improvements. I have found that with many games similar to this one such as gardenscapes and homescapes that the levels seem to be impossible after a certain period of time. I am on level and, although the levels have gotten harder, I have not yet spent over a day on them.

This is really good for me, because I tend to get frustrated when levels are too hard for me as a child, but I still want to play the game. Another thing I love about this game is that it has a continuing storyline that never fails to be present. I like renovating and picking out how to decorate the town, but I also appreciate that there is a storyline included. Update: I have hit lvl a month or so ago and no new content.

They really should have waited a year or so before releasing it so they could at least get the story complete. Topped out at and now just pop in daily to collect the wheel prizes and to check for new content. I really wish we could move forward.

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Update: thanks for the update, but now I have more of the story to uncover and no more levels after to get stars!! Keep the levels coming!!! This is actually a lot more fun then I thought it would be. The levels start off easy but get nice and challenging. There were only a couple of levels that took me more than 10 or 12 tries to pass and I still have plenty of power up left over. The story is fun and made me want to keep playing to see where it goes.

Please update so we can continue playing!!! This is a really fun game, and I am enjoying it a lot. My issue is with the specific games that are advertised through the feature where you watch an Ad in order to get more coins. Several of these advertised games have content that is not appropriate for young kids.

For example, one ad shows a scene where a woman is looking at a pregnancy test kit, and sees she is pregnant, so she tells her guy, and the guy runs off and abandons her. What kind of subject matter is that, for children? Another example of an ad for a game that is not for kids, is a young girl saying that her best friend slept with her boyfriend. Since Lost Island seems to be targeted for kids as well as adults, why are you advertising games through this Watch Ad feature, that have content that is not appropriate subject matters for children?

This is concerning to me. Keep the advertised games rated G please, or remove the Watch Ad feature. Otherwise, great game, and fun to see the storyline unfold. Games like Gardenscapes, Homescapes, and Family Zoo could be greatly improved in this way.