MAGICAL MOMENTS WITH ROY AND TONI: Have You Hugged Your Mother Today

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I'm very pleased for dad and for Nora.


The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. We meet again! Share or comment on this article: D-Day veteran Roy Vickerman set to marry his former fiancee after 70 years apart e-mail Comments 23 Share what you think. View all.

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Bing Site Web Enter search term: Search. Ad Feature. Robbie Williams causes hilarity on the Loose Women set after he walks on while live Cats Protection Christmas ad brings viewers to tears with the true tale of abandoned kitten Libby who nearly Mother's heart 'bursts with love' as she spots her twin toddlers who love to squabble cuddling over the bars Get a grip!

The VERY entitled people who need a reality check - including a couple who complained their food Mother whose daughter, 13, was one of the UK's youngest ecstasy deaths reveals she trawls the streets Escape to the Chateau's Dick and Angel suffer a rare design fail as viewers slam their conversion of an old Student with severe acne who was so ashamed of her looks she became a social 'hermit' reveals how she No need to leave the house!

Former pub is converted into a nine-bedroom property with a working bar where Don't fill your plate more than twice or sample the vegetarian option if you're a meat-eater: Etiquette Woman who thought her ten-year-old leather sofa couldn't be saved after it started to crack and peel Cat owners share hilarious Snapchats of their felines getting up to mischief - including one who left his paw print in the bowl after stealing a sausage The Price is all right! The VERY entitled people who need a reality check - including a couple who complained their food was taking too long while a customer was having a heart attack Mother who dressed her son, 2, in the men's changing room of a swimming pool blasts a father for stripping naked - but others argue she should have gone into the women's facilities A breath of fresh air!

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Prince Charles and Camilla enjoy a brisk walk following Sunday church service at Sandringham The deals aren't over yet! And all the while smelling her perfume.

Is Kendall’s turn in the Succession finale really such a win for Kendall, the human being?

What, to a year-old, could be more intoxicating? Ironically, we had more physical contact with the opposite sex that way than dancing to the heavy rock, with its counterculture trappings, that was making its way toward us in the Deep South. Slow dancing the wrap-around, we called it was a sweaty, lumbering hug. Did it matter that the foxtrot, waltz, rumba, tango, jitterbug, shag, cha-cha, cumbia, disco, and endless combinations of partner dancing — outside of dance clubs and TV competitions — soon seemed hard to find? Not only was an art form being lost but also a way for couples to play off each other, feel the rhythm of each other, ride the music with each other.

And to charm each other, changing partners, too. Whatever their colorful names — frug, watusi, swim, funky chicken, jerk, on down to the rave, hip-hop, techno — free-form displaced practiced form. Roy Hoffman , a journalist and novelist in Fairhope, Ala. He previously wrote for Booming about hitchhiking. Sign up for our weekly newsletter here. You may also follow Booming via RSS here or visit nytimes.

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Our e-mail is booming nytimes. Booming Dancing Across the Generations. I feel dated, quaint, a visitor from a planet of long ago. They are gone now, but not their dancing. Bush was in office. John clearpoint. I am sure any president would count on them for guidance, before making any military decision.

Didn't mean to start any conflict in here. Let's let the people in here enjoy their memories. Texas Sat August I have a story to share about Morse Sand and Gravel, or maybe it's more about a brother standing up for his little siblings.

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It would have been about I was 7 and I had two younger sisters and two older brothers. The truck stopped and out jumped a 6'2", pound driver. He told Steven "I'll be back for you after work. The driver said ,"Yes sir," got back in his truck and drove very slowly down the road. That driver never did go over 25 miles an hour 'round our corner again! I then heard my dad ask Steven, "Weren't you afraid he'd hurt you?

Rich, I don't much care for your opinions but I have been hoping that you are OK down there in Florida. Tell us how y'all are fairing. On another subject: We made it through the storm that was supposed to come straight up Tampa Bay and down our throats. Good for us it made that dramatic right turn which was only "called" by VIPER and ignored by most officials. Included in that group is my sister-in-law who is widowed and she rode it out in her home all alone. She said it was horrible but she felt her home was strong enough to take it.

The Magic of Sterling

We spoke to her yesterday but have not been able to contact her yet today. If any of you have lived through a hurricane threat in Florida, you will agree when I say it is no fun. When they predict an foot storm surge up Tampa Bay into the downtown area, that is some scary stuff. Anyhow, we are safe and will now try to contact my sister-in-law again.

Take care, all. I'm with Bill on this one. Nothing will change no matter who gets in!

Magical Moments with Roy and Toni : Have You Hugged Your Mother Today

Politics have become a national soap opera for people like Rich and John to engage in never-ending pissing contests over. The fact is that the "system" is flawed no matter who is elected. Do you really think anything will change much no matter who gets elected? What big changes will take place for common people like us? Rich, talk about mincing words! How about if I say, "People who think like Rich Howard are complete idiots. I am not saying you are an idiot, after all. If you actually read what I wrote, you will see that I did not in any way "mince words and lead people to believe I Rich said YOU spit on vets. You have been watching too much propaganda on Fox TV. I don't know where you got the idea that I had to respond to every one of your inane pronouncements either. Look, Rich, you're going to vote for Bush unless he gets caught in bed with Michael Jackson and even then you'll blame it on Clinton.

You can ramble on all you want, but I agree with Jan from Taunton, this is getting boring. Does anyone have any stories to share about "Moresy's sp? Morse Sand and Gravel during the '50s and '60s? It has been interesting to read all the arguments lately. I didn't know what that was until a couple of years ago when a former Marine told me. I saw my dad in a different light. He was the bravest man I ever knew. He cut his foot on a coral reef and nearly lost it, but because he wasn't "in battle" he refused his Purple Heart.

Wars are full of these kinds of incidents. There are many more men out there who probably got Purple Hearts that for non-battle cuts and scratches who should have turned them down. Who are we to determine the measure of a man?

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  5. A scratch to some is nothing to others. Fear is a powerful thing. It can overtake us in a heartbeat and we don't realize it until it is gone. I have no respect for John Kerry. He is two-faced. I have little respect for George Bush because of what he did to John McCain in the primary race before the last election.

    Now, regarding Bill Clinton, the coward should have gone into Iraq when Saddam Hussein performed genocide against the Kurds. That is when we should have done something! Instead he let S. If you are angry at anyone, be angry at the coward who dodged the draft and became commander-in-chief! Only in America!!!! This site has become a real strain to read.

    I thought it was all about "Hey, how are ya? Remember this and that? It's a pity! Okay, first of all, I never said John Owen spat on anyone. I said "people who think like John Owen. Also he is the one who made the Vietnam-Iraq comparison, not me. Also if our so-called allies had joined this fight with us before we went to Iraq, maybe this would all have been over with by now. So, John, you want it both ways. You are a vet lover who brought supplies but you want us to turn our back on everyone who needs us because it is G.

    Most importantly, you have tried to mince words and lead people to believe I said YOU spit on vets. I never said that and you know it.