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Your favorites will remain. The final title became: You 2. I cannot stress the importance of this step enough.

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The cover gives potential buyers their first impression of your book. This is not something you want to pinch pennies on. Personally, I hired Happy Self Publishing to create my cover. Their name kept coming up in writing communities, so I gave them a try. I was not disappointed. They struck a good balance of professionalism, quality, and price. When I hired Happy Self Publishing , they sent me a questionnaire to gather my book information title, subtitle, description, etc. I filled out the questionnaire, gave the designer my directions, and submitted samples of covers I liked.

To prevent this, you need to format your book — specifically, you need to format and save your book in a Kindle-friendly file-type like. This way your book will look good in all Kindle devices. You just copy and paste your chapters into it, change the formatting as desired, and export.

Happy Self Publishing , the company I used for my cover, also provides an affordable formatting service, or you can find hundreds of freelancers on Upwork who can do it for you. See how I use the bullet points to foster curiosity rather than give away the main points of the book? Giving the reason away would defeat the need for the reader to purchase the book. Instead, I trigger curiosity by leaving it open. If you want to learn more about writing persuasive descriptions, the following resources helped me a lot while writing mine:.

Instead, you want to have a plan in place and have your marketing materials prepared weeks before you hit publish. Ensure they understand what it means to be a member of your street team:. For the number of reviews you want, double that number of people on your street team, because chances are only half of them will actually review your book. Up to this point, I had been keeping my list engaged by sending Monday Motivation emails every week, as well as an update every time I published a new blog post.

Stay tuned. Just make them aware the book is coming. You need to create a schedule so you know exactly which promotion happens when, and what actions you should take each day.

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For the promotional articles, I also prepared a few new incentives geared toward promoting the book:. But the launch process is a bit more involved than just clicking a publish button, and it starts much earlier than your official launch. Feel free to copy it, tweak it, and use it as your own. Four weeks ahead of your official launch, you want to send your subscribers free samples.

Send them one free sample each week. You can choose to share any chapter you wish. The launch date for my new book, You 2. Because my primary goal is to get you to read the book and use it to change your life. That matters to me more than money. You should publish it one week in advance.

Amazon allows you to use up to seven keywords to help readers find your books. You want to match your keywords with the terms readers will typically type into the search box.

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  5. After you publish your book, browse books that are similar to yours and see which categories they are in. Then contact Amazon and request to have your book added to those categories. It looks at the number of copies sold. You can also give your subscribers an incentive to purchase early — before you raise the price.

    The moment your book goes live, you should send an email to your street team asking them to leave their reviews. And this is important: You should ask them to download the book from Amazon first, and then write their reviews.

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    Then, after I uploaded the first version of my book, I found some additional errors and typos the shame! After a reader complained to me about some more typos, I rained furious hellfire down upon him. Later, I paid to have much of the book re-edited. I also retitled and redesigned the cover of the book so I could position it to the right readers more effectively and increase sales. Typically, an editor will send you a reader report with an annotated version of your manuscript.

    The proofreader and line editor also make changes in a document and send it back to you to accept or reject. Feedback like this, while sometimes tough, will improve the quality of your book and teach you more about writing a nice added bonus. Working with an editor is the single best way to improve your book and your craft. That said, joining a creative writing group or class is a great way to get free feedback on your writing. All you have to do is provide feedback to other people on their work too.

    Similarly, if you write guest blog posts based on your draft, you can get free editorial feedback about your non-fiction. After your guest post goes live, you can always reuse elements of the post as chapters in your book with some light rewriting. I caution against self-publishing your book without hiring or getting an eagle-eyed friend to proofread your book.

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    When I was starting out as a blogger and indie author, I stayed up till a. I created a book cover that had almost nothing to do with the contents of my book above , which I didn't use in the end. I also spent time designing that I should have spent writing. I found one to design my book cover for The Power of Creativity. Just browse the categories and reach out to the designer you like who has experience creating book covers in your niche. Some budget-friendly designers will let you pick from book cover templates. Before you engage your designer, let them know if you want a cover for digital publishing, a cover for print and a 3D mockup of your book for your website.

    These extras cost more. Also, insist on the source files, which is the Photoshop or Illustrator files and not just the book cover image. You can spend a lot or a little on your book cover. If you spend more, you can work one-on-one with a designer. The former relies on dark imagery, while the latter relies on hopeful imagery. So spend at least an hour browsing stores like Amazon and saving book covers in your niche that you like. Pinterest and Evernote are both good for this.

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    If your writing draws on key imagery or metaphors, let your designer know, as they could work an element into your cover. Include a sample chapter for them to read too. Providing this information will reduce the amount of time both of you spend going backward and forward about a design later. Depending on how much you pay, your designer will go through one or two rounds of changes with you. Tell them what you like and dislike about the cover and what you want to be changed. Remember, your book cover needs to look good at small sizes so it stands out in digital bookstores.

    Ask a friend or your early readers for their opinions about the book cover. They might have a good eye for design or captivating images. Sites like 99designs, CrowdSpring and DesignCrowd enable you to run competitions.

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    If you host one, designers will submit covers for you to review. When you pick the best one, the winner gets a prize that you front. Several years ago, I wrote an article about my experiences , and you can see some of the cover submissions. Some unhappy designers complained in the comments about crowdsourcing websites. They argued losers get nothing for their submission or hard-work. Yes, you could design a cover yourself in Paint or Photoshop or buy a cheap cover for a couple of dollars on a site like Fiverr.

    Later on, you can always swap this cover for a more professional design. I expect this cost to fall as self-publishing software becomes easier to use.

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    If you follow the guidelines on Amazon, you can do just that. Vellum Mac only at the time of writing. They will take care of headaches like laying out each page correctly. A good one will also take care of single words at the top of a page or the last line of a chapter at the top of a page. Find out how to make an audiobook … and how much that costs.