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They must accept a full, in-depth and no - holds - barred examination of their systems, procedures and methods of working. We are promised that it will be a no - holds - barred review. We need a no - holds - barred approach to deciding what to do next.

No, Congress didn't repeal a law that bars Muslims from holding office

We cannot have a conference unless we have it on a no - holds - barred basis. I expect it to be radical in scope and no - holds - barred in its analysis. He has a reputation for his no - holds - barred negotiation style that involves his share of shouting and cursing. From Wikipedia. Once every few years, strong fighters gather here and hold a violent, secret no - holds - barred fighting spree.

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A political rally connected with the upcoming mayoral campaign, has erupted into a no - holds - barred , knock-down, drag-out brawl, which the sheriff will not stop. The series was notable for its dark visual tone and for its no - holds - barred attitude to violence and language. The fight ensued, it was a no - holds - barred fight, it took three minutes. Through the 50s and 60s, competition between the two was fierce and generated a no - holds - barred mentality.

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The show offers a no - holds - barred account of prison life. Also, we tend to go all-out with arrangements, no - holds - barred.

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That meant that 85 percent of about , visas available annually went to people from northern and western European lineage. President Harry Truman worried that the law was discriminatory, but Congress had enough votes to override his veto. The law does not mention religion or Muslims. But over the years, according to a story in the New York Times, it was used to deny entry to the United States to people like writer Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Ian Smith, the former prime minister of Rhodesia.

Daniel Patrick Moynihan sponsored legislation to repeal the section of the law that excludes aliens for ideological reasons, and in February it passed the Senate as an amendment to a State Department spending bill, the Times reported. The repeal legislation still allowed the secretary of state to deny entry to someone identified as a terrorist.

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Dick Cheney, meanwhile, was secretary of defense for then-President George H. Though Congress repealed a provision of the McCarran-Walter Act, the law never forbid Muslims from holding office as the Facebook post claims. Notice Your privacy is important to us. Stay Connected:.

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