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It also shows how strongly and how frequently this gap is moderated by the household incomes of students, even within the same schools. Every now and then the woman in the apron clinks her water glass with a fork to cut through the conversation, and all eyes at the table turn to her. The Federal Bureau of Labor Statistics recently reported that there was a 3. Governor Andrew Cuomo has proposed tax changes to offset the effects of the new Federal tax law.

Urban Matters offers our annual list of some of the thought-provoking works produced during the past 12 months by members of The New School community. His first term was marked by new, progressive policies promising to make our city more equitable, including Universal Pre-K and more broadly available sick leave for many thousands more workers.

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Nor is his administration listening to the people who have the most to lose from rezonings integral to those policies — including the rezoning of our neighborhood, Inwood. In , colonists in Jamestown, Virginia bought the first African slaves to be brought to what eventually became the United States. Like many cities with long-established Puerto Rican populations, Worcester is seeing an uptick in Puerto Ricans migrants following Maria, which struck the island with devastating force on Sept. Because of Maria, between , and , Puerto Rico residents are expected to leave the island annually, according to a new report from the Center for Puerto Rican Studies.

In April , a landmark new law made New York the 49th state to acknowledge that and year-olds should not be automatically considered adults in the eyes of the criminal justice system.

It was a hard-won victory for reformers and for many criminal justice practitioners, who had long decried the high human costs of setting the age of criminal responsibility so unreasonably low. But 15 years ago, the City of Chicago began a remarkable odyssey that would help the Chicago Housing Authority CHA evolve from the most dysfunctional public landlord in America to the ordinary city bureaucracy it is today. It marked the final step in a torturous journey begun when, in the waning days of his mayoralty four years ago, Mayor Michael Bloomberg put forward, then withdrew for lack of political support, an earlier rezoning plan intended to modernize a block business district anchored by Grand Central Station.

By Dr. The New York State Constitution requires that every 20 years the people decide if a constitutional convention should be held to consider amendments to the Constitution. That decision will be made by a statewide ballot question on Election Day, Nov. Amendments adopted by a majority of the delegates will be submitted to the voters via a statewide referendum and, if approved, go into effect on the following Jan.

Mentoring programs rely on Credible Messengers to build trusting and transformative relationships with at-risk young people have proliferated, largely funded by City agencies like Department Of Probation and the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. The resulting mentor-mentee relationships have, in many cases, changed the trajectory of young lives. In , a group of dedicated providers linked up with a progressive funder the Pinkerton Foundation and The New School to develop a college-accredited training program for Credible Messengers working in youth development.

The nonprofit sector is experiencing a racial leadership gap. Now that Senator Chuck Schumer helped the White House engineer legislation to lift the federal debt ceiling and fund the federal government until December, the focus in Washington shifts to tax reform. In New York City, unfortunately, no one expects much to happen soon on local tax reform — a pity, given how a highly regressive property tax system imposes a deeply unfair tax burden on low-income households.

Or was it something more? The Center for New York City Affairs spotlighted recent dramatic surges in reports concerning child safety — which has led to more investigations of child safety, more families with child welfare cases, and more child removals to foster care. For perspective, Kendra Hurley, a senior editor at the Center for New York City Affairs, turned to Joyce McMillan, director of programming and a parent advocate at the Child Welfare Organizing Project, which for years has spoken out about what they see as the inherent racism and destructiveness in child welfare systems.

New York City is in the eighth year of recovery from the Great Recession. This period has been one of historically strong job growth, declining unemployment, and rising minimum wages that are starting to translate into real wage and income gains. Family homelessness in New York City has reached staggering proportions, with the average length of stay in family shelters exceeding days. Earlier this month, the New York City Department of Education DOE released a long-awaited plan designed to increase diversity in the city's public schools.

The Center for New York City Affairs has crunched the numbers on these goals and found that they would not reflect meaningful, systemic change. While many elementary schools in New York City face overcrowding, Sunset Park is home to some of the worst instances. Eight of 10 schools in Sunset Park are overcrowded, and some classes are held in hallways and in rooms with no windows. The languages and cultures in this neighborhood act as unifiers but also dividers. There are visible divides in Sunset Park where each ethnic group lives.

The effects of air pollution have become increasingly apparent and have raised intense public concern both locally and globally. Air pollutants like sulfur dioxide and nitrous oxide exacerbate serious respiratory and heart diseases — the kind of chronic conditions that are the leading causes of death and disability in New York and around the world.

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Greenhouse gas pollutants, including carbon dioxide, contribute to global climate change. There are many issues facing the residents of Brooklyn — with some 2. While affordable housing and employment remain my top priorities as borough president, there is another challenge that does not get as much attention or debate that also needs greater scrutiny: public health. For many families, those days are long gone. The heating fuels we use also have big impacts on our air quality and public health. And for those reasons we need to make more robust use of biodiesel heating fuel.

Eight and a half years ago, I started work at Youth Communication, publisher of teen-written materials including Represent , a magazine by and for teens in foster care. In a galaxy not so far away, or more commonly known as the media, trans people are visible quite often. Their lives and too frequently their deaths, that were usually rooted in murder or suicide, are given press. On a lighter note trans people are regularly being praised for comparatively conventional things, like becoming a homecoming queen, being granted the ability to play high school sports alongside other folks of your gender, finding true love, landing an acting gig, or writing a book.

In October , Superstorm Sandy hit the U. Eastern Seaboard, devastating parts of New York City. More than 50 New Yorkers perished; many others not only lost their homes, but the services and businesses that keep their communities running. The State and its local governments have turned to nonprofit organizations to provide critical services for many populations, including children and those with low incomes striving to enter the middle class.

These essential human services, however, come at a cost, and they should be paid for—in their entirety—by government. During the Obama years cities articulated or actively pursued policy initiatives at the vanguard of progressivism. But in general the cities were partners with Washington in the progressive project. When New York Governor Andrew Cuomo proposed the Excelsior Scholarship plan a few weeks ago, standing alongside former Presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders, it demonstrated that making college affordable is good politics.

The announcement also triggered a healthy and long-overdue debate on the best way to tackle the affordability crisis that either restricts access to college for those most at need or drives up student loan debt for poor and middle-class New Yorkers. As many as one in 10 African American students has an incarcerated parent. One in four has a parent who is or has been incarcerated. As a young boy, I was a good kid.

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I got good grades and was always in the top classes in school. On the other hand, things were not so good at home. The only place I felt in charge was in the streets. The streets were not kind either. In , I had just turned 15 years old and my best friend was murdered right in front of his door. Soon after, I began getting involved in the justice system. Hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers work in stores and restaurants across the five boroughs.

The resulting unpredictability in incomes and schedules can make it difficult to arrange child care, create stable household budgets, and pay bills on time. The hotel industry does everything in its power to make certain that guests do not have to think about the hard work involved in cleaning guest rooms. We share a far-from-exhaustive collection of intriguing works published during the past 12 months by members of the New School community.

They caught our attention, and might merit yours, too. In many big cities the number of children entering foster care has dropped dramatically while the number of families receiving support services has grown. But across the country, just as many families continue to be the subject of child protective investigations; across the country, more than three million children are the subjects of such investigations each year. New York City is home to almost three million children, youth, and young adults under the age of The City is committed to helping each of those young people thrive at each stage of their childhood and grow up to become healthy and happy adults.

Distress; frustration; apprehension; anger: Those were among the intense post-election post-mortem emotions unpacked during a staff meeting in the offices of the Center for New York City Affairs this morning.

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At least While many caregivers find deep personal satisfaction in such work, they also experience higher levels of anxiety and stress, resulting from the physical, emotional, and economic burdens caregiving puts on their own lives. New Yorkers take 2. The subject of school discipline offers fertile territory — and an opportunity to get beyond the reductive charter-vs-district-school conflicts of recent years. Roughly one out of eight New York City public school students has been homeless sometime during the past five years, according to a recent estimate by the Institute for Children, Poverty, and Homelessness.

With family homelessness remaining at record levels, tens of thousands of children are growing up in shelters. In her own words, one tells her story. When we talk about the wellbeing of a city or region, all too often we use economic data, such as income or employment statistics.

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Only rarely do we also take stock of our collective health. But there are many appropriate reasons why we ought to. By Michael Cohen, Bart Orr, and Lena Simet Given the economic growth of the past two decades, how well have countries used their resources to meet the commitments of the Habitat II agenda?

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To answer this question, the Global Urban Futures Project has developed the Habitat Commitment Index HCI —a way of measuring country performance on a set of indicators taking per capita income levels into account to gauge progress over time.