Out the Hood to Hollywood (BWWM Interracial Romance)

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Reactions on social media were divided and extreme—people reacted to the website and its three young, white male founders with either excited anticipation or utter vitriol. What did surprise him, though, was the outpouring of support he also received. Still, interracial marriage is consistently on the rise in the United States.

BWWM – Lisa W. Tetting

Of black people in interracial marriages, the majority were men: 24 percent of all black male newlyweds married someone of a different race, while only 9 percent of black women did. A few years ago, Seal and Heidi Klum were in the minority. Despite the prevalence of interracial relationship role models, studies still show that people using the largest dating apps and websites have issues when it comes to race.

That same month, Mason partnered with his year-old friend Boomer and started building what would eventually become SwirlMingle. For two young men without much coding experience to build an international dating site is no small feat. Still, the past year has been fraught with mistakes and learning curves. A February beta launch failed due to poor functionality, but proved massive interest in the site itself. Eventually developer Shaun VanWeelden joined the project and whipped the site into shape.

I watched carefully as the site took form in the 24 hours after its launch Tuesday, creating a profile and conversing with some of the approximately 2, users that joined that day. Of the new users, the overwhelming majority are black women. One woman who created a profile on Tuesday is Octavia Fox, a year-old nursing assistant in Memphis, Tennessee. I have hope of finding my dream guy again! Neither of them can deny the instant, mutual passion between them, and Konrad can't wait to spend the rest of his life with her in his hometown.

But can he convince Maddy that love at first sight is real? After a tragedy that changed her life, she became a cat burglar with a mission: to steal from wealthy villains, and give the money back to their victims. Jackson Ford, a sweet and brilliant inventor, and Eli Sterling, a tough Navy SEAL with a broken heart, are best friends and bear shifters with a mission of their own. They need Paisley to help them take down a company that's providing defective body armor to soldiers.

But once they meet her, they realize that the lonely cat shifter is the destined mate… of both bears. A Pair of Bears is a sizzling-hot, action-packed, standalone bear shifter menage romance.

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Curvy Cara Linley left her boring life in Iowa in search of adventure, but she only found loneliness in new and different places. She thinks there's no fairy tales left for a girl like her-- until she gets stranded on a mountainside, and a gorgeous hero comes to her rescue. Billionaire dragon shifter Gus Gray has all the treasure a dragon could desire, but even his hoard of glittering gold has lost its shine, with no mate to share it with.

Can an ordinary princess and a lonely dragon find their happily ever after? Some women would hate being stuck in a remote fire-watch tower, but for curvy Angie Dearborn, it's a peaceful retreat to nurse her broken heart. Who needs it? She's got books, a dog, and the world's most solitary job. And she likes it that way.

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Until Hudson comes into her life Bear shifter and firefighter Hudson Pierce knows Angie is his destined mate as soon as her touch sets his body and soul aflame. Emotionally wounded Angie doesn't believe they have a future together, but this sexy smokejumper is determined to mend her broken heart and prove to her that their love is possible. All her life, Summer has been traveling from one adventure to the next, always searching for something different, something more.

And where has it gotten her? Flat broke and picking up the pieces of her life, evading a stalker ex. Falling for her new landlord Brandon would be a disaster waiting to happen, and Summer has sworn off disaster — and adventure too. But Brandon's dark good looks and his air of mystery lure her on. Could he be the destiny she always dreamed was out there?

All his life, Brandon has played by the rules and flown under the radar — literally. As a were-eagle, he's carefully guarded his shape-shifting secret while seeking success in the human world. And where has it gotten him? Laid off from his high-paying tech job, renovating his grandmother's house, renting out the studio to someone who'll work on the remodel for free. His new tenant Summer is exactly the sort of starry-eyed dreamer he never thought he could trust, but her courage and her curvy beauty haunt him. Has he finally found his mate? Lucy had everything a woman could want: a good family and a good job.

All she needed was… Nope, she had everything she needed. She definitely didn't expect a surprise inheritance. Or the hot bodyguard her father hired to keep her safe. And she really, really didn't expect her sexy bodyguard to be a werewolf. Jason had his hands full being Alpha to his own werewolf clan. He didn't need more complications in his life, and he definitely didn't need a mate.

Sparks fly between him and the beautiful woman he must protect, but she has no idea what the handsome stranger from the West Coast is hiding. But how could Jason resist his desire for dark, curvy Lucy, the clan's new Queen? Wildlife biologist April has given up on love.

She's curvy, stubborn, and wears jeans and boots instead of skirts. If that wasn't bad enough, her job takes her all over the North American continent. What man would want that?

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  • Hunky bush pilot Nathan has spent his whole life hiding his true polar bear shifter nature. But when gorgeous April walks into his life, his bear wants to rise up and claim his mate. Unfortunately, all April wants is a pilot to fly her across the Canadian tundra to count polar bears. But Nathan's touch sets her on fire After their plane goes down in the wilderness, the two give in to their red-hot passion. But can their love survive April's discovery of Nathan's secret? And when they get back to civilization, can the bear and the girl who loves bears find their happily ever after? When curvy Raina gets stuck in a charity date auction after her best friend has to drop out, she expects to be left standing alone onstage with no bids.

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