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It was only documented offshore briefly in , it appears in the literature in and in , then recently work has been done by David Piper, John Hughes Clark, Larry Mayer et al at Dalhousie University offshore on the Laurential Slope and Rise. Despite the size of the event, it received relatively little scientific attention until recent years. This fact stems from several reasons. Newfoundland was not part of Canada in ; it was a colony of Britain, poor and relatively undeveloped.

Population was low and scattered across the island until the mid's and there was not yet a road connection from St.

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John's to the Burin Peninsula in Newfoundland did not yet have a university of note; there was no industrial base and its scientific establishment was virtually non-existent. There was no seismograph on the island; there was not even a tide gauge in There was not a strong written tradition in ; the only newspapers were in St. John's and Corner Brook.

Newfoundland was virtually dependent for its scientific knowledge about itself on occasional visits of British, American or Canadian scientists.

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As a result, much that is written about the "South Coast Disaster" is myth piled upon myth in the likes of the "Farmer's Almanac" a article and "The Downhomer Magazine" a article. Until no attempt was made to gather and use local knowledge. That has in part changed with my work and that of a geographer at Memorial University, Michael Staveley.

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I first visited the Burin in and , then spent some extended time in the area in , and I was back in for a longer period in combination with a Lamont-Doherty Geological Observatory project in searching out onshore geological evidence of the tsunami. During the project I was successful in finding what is the first known eastern North American onshore geological signature from a tsunami.

Martitia Tuttle, University of Maryland, is my co-investigator on this project funded by the U. Nuclear Regulatory Commission. Martitia Tuttle and I were back on the Burin in and we have found at least three further onshore deposits from the tsunami along the south coast of the Burin Peninsula. A magnitude 8. The travel time between the quake was 4. A magnitude 7. Travel time was 4. November 14, - Delaware River. An earthquake struck the Philadelphia region Saturday night, November 14, , as a thunderstorm was occurring.

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Shock of an Earthquake. We were visited on Saturday night between 9 and 10 o'clock, with an extraordinary storm, accompanied by heavy thunder and vivid lightning.

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Shortly after 9, the buildings in various parts of our city, trembled and shock for several seconds, as if through the agency of an earthquake. We have since been informed that the waters of the Delaware were agitated by a heavy and unusual swell at the same time. November 17, - Maine.

The fluctuations continued from midnight until nearly am at somewhat irregular intervals of about 17 minutes from crest to crest, with an average vertical range of about 23 cm. The largest wave at am had a height of Corresponding earthquake phenomena are not known, although it is possible that a shock occurred in the Atlantic Ocean. Berninghausen, W. January 9, - Maine. A "tidal wave" was reported at Bernard, Mt. Desert Island, Maine. Unexplained in its origin, the phenomenon which occurred about noon caused the sudden emptying of Bass Harbor, followed a minute later by a foot rush of water, and then two smaller waves.

No one was injured, but about 50 fishing boats were hurled ashore, and two men in a dory had a narrow escape from falling cakes of ice when their craft suddenly grounded. The first sign that something was wrong was a rumbling from the direction of the harbor. Townspeople ran to the piers to see their harbor emptied with a rush. William Kelly, who has a fish-packing plant on the eastern shore of the harbor told what happened next: 'It was about low tide when the first wave came," he said.

Then came two lesser ones, and in less than 10 minutes the whole harbor was filled to near high water mark.

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Great whirlpools were formed. Small boats were tossed about at their moorings, and the foot fishing boat Fish Hawk broke from her lines at the Underwood Dock and crashed against the pilings. The entire harbor was a mass of foam. In less than 15 minutes it was all over. From the remote fishing village of Corea on the northeast coast of Maine comes news that at about the same time Saturday that the phenomenon was observed at Bass Harbor, a monster wave smashed lobster cars, tore boats adrift, and washed thousands of flounder from their winter beds in the Harbor bottom mud.

The tidal wave came in at am and was preceded by a rushing flood tide several hours earlier. AP, Jan 14, , am. May 19, - Northeast coast, U. Lander and Patricia A.

The information for events 2, 4, 5, 7, 8 and 9 here are also from "Landers and Lockridge". A disturbance that probably originated near the northeastern end of Long Island was widely recorded on tide gages in the area from Providence, Rhode Island to New Jersey. At Plum Island, New York, the record showed an impulsive beginning with an amplitude of 0.

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The short period waves continued over 10 cycles with decreasing amplitude. Waves of about 0.

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Smaller amplitudes were observed on nine other tide gage records. The source of these waves is not known, but there are no reports of recordings from local seismic stations, and the waves do not appear to be of meteorological origin. A submarine landslide or explosion are possible causes. In a very short period, the word tsunami disappears. Even today, tidal wave predominates in common usage, with tsunami predominating in the scientific community. Going further back in time, you can still check subject matters such as tidal waves, earthquakes, volcanoes, weather, disasters, drownings, etc, in trying to uncover those elusive waves.

Continuing back, subject matters begin to disappear, and the search becomes much more difficult. New sources do appear in this information age. The Earthquake Data Base provides a wealth of information for research, and newspaper articles of known quakes that have affected the northeast USA and eastern Canada can be checked for the possible mention of unusual ocean activity accompanying the quake. As tsunami turn into tidal waves, tidal waves turn into subjects such as "heavy tides", "the ocean acted strangely", "rogue or freak waves", or any such terminology used to describe what you are looking for.

When you find an article, then the next steps begin, trying to determine if the waves are tsunami, or tsunamic-like, being meteorologically induced, or just an event due to the oddities of a mysterious ocean. The following waves are being investigated by the tsunami community:. Jun 9, Longport, NJ. Aug 6, Rockaway Park, Queens 2 Dead. Includes article on "Triplicate Waves". Aug 8, Coney Island, NY. Includes article on an experience of a sailing party in Tsunami at sea? Sep 21, New Jersey coast Scores injured, some seriously.

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Jul , Daytona Beach, FL 75 injured. Note: If you want to see a map of New Jersey that lists the shore communities for a guide, go to. Steve asks: Where are there tsunami research centers? Mt Holly is currently active in trying to uncover tsunami that have occurred along the East Coast of the USA, especially in the coastal regions of our forecast region. Some good Web Sites to visit for tsunami surfing which should never be done in real life!! Learn About Tsunamis. Tsunami Information. Tsunami Research Program. A good one. June 9, - Longport, New Jersey. The washout extended to within 15 feet of the near rail line.

The tide tore away the wharf at the Schurch chandlery store and at the same time undermined the soil from beneath the building. After the unusually high tide, the chandlery store was standing isolated at least 30 feet from dry land, and only upheld by the timber piling, that threatened to give way at any moment. Other properties were damaged. The Lavine wharf was completely torn away, and 14 feet of water was left where there had been solid embankment further inshore, while the Henreesie house stood along on its piling but isolated 30 feet away from land.

The Henreesie house was next to the chandlery store.