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Imagine a place where the money appears, the dreams become real, the produce and pastured meat taste like home.

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Imagine a place …. Fifteen years ago, I left a great job teaching at a prestigious northeast culinary school to move back to Iowa and be an executive chef at a Holiday Inn. It was difficult to find people, in Vermont or Iowa, who …. Ever dreamed of eating your way across the country?

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Convinced there was more to the sustainable-food movement than met the eye i. In late September, the corn and soybean fields of the lower Missouri River floodplain are a lovely dull brown, nearly ready for harvest. The row crops sprawl as far as the eye can see, their regimental march broken only by ….

A few years ago, I heard an actor say on a talk show that he had decided if someone invited him to a party, he was going to attend, whether he knew the person or not. When I repeated that …. During my trip to the Midwest this summer, I saw many unsettling sights: vast monocropped landscapes lashed regularly with chemicals, insidious low-slung buildings that imprison thousands of animals and concentrate their waste. Among the latter - which are ideal for sunny windowsills - Friar's Hat is a cultivar of the less common Capsicum baccatum; last year's plants, according to Matt Simpson, bore fruits each.

Chillies are easy to grow from seed, and are a good choice for the beginner. So also are most annuals, including the justifiably popular and widely available sunflower, nasturtium, California poppy and English marigold.

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These fiery-flowered plants, along with some well-placed bronze fennel and red orache which are both edible will make a gorgeous "hot border". Plant them in rivers or intersecting, irregular blobs, rather than in straight ranks, for the best, unconstrained effect. Once you have it, it will self-sow forever in sheets of flowery sunlight. It looks equally good in flower border or vegetable bed, or sneaking onto the gravel.

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After three of four years of growing an untidy mop of long, bristly leaves, it crowns it with a Gaudi-esque spire of thousands of bluey-mauve blossoms - each one a nectar-rich feeding station for bees. In a sunny, sheltered position it can reach 14 feet. After this magnificent effort, it dies.

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But not before leaving behind a few hundred seedlings - many of which, via a foolproof gardener-borne dispersal system, inevitably end up in plant sales. Telephone and fax: Suttons Seeds are widely available, mail-order service from C. Hackett, 4 Capel Street, Dublin 1. Telephone: Sow what?

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