The Adventures of Hashbrown Winters

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Stilts spun around, finger squeezing the trigger, send- ing a spray of red balls whizzing through the air like kami- kaze hornets. I was quick on my feet and barrel rolled just as the bullets cut above my helmet. With lightning speed I aimed at Stilts and sprayed him with thirty rounds of my own periwinkle blue paintballs.

Clearly my moves had impressed Snow. I smiled, but shook my head. I dug my finger in my ear.

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Four Hips, Snow Cone and Measles flung their paintball guns into the air and charged off in the other direction. Out of the corner of my visor, a giant figure blazed into view. It was a set-up.

He was the secret weapon! Hambone looked like a bearded brontosaurus, crash- ing through the trees and trampling anything standing in his way. Where did he come from? More importantly, what in the world was he holding? I tried to run, but it was useless. Hambone covered the distance in a matter of a few lumbering strides.

Hashbrown Winters and the Mashimoto Madness

The bullets simply bounced off his muscular chest as if it were bulletproof. Grinning, he positioned the tube on his shoulder, revealing a can of fluorescent yellow paint emptying into the rear. It was no ordinary cardboard tube. No, it was a paintball bazooka!

I blacked out for a solid minute. It was a heartbreaking loss. My team had gone undefeated two years in a row. Hambone Oxcart ruled elementary school.

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No one messed with him. Not even the teachers. Snow Cone grabbed my arm and pulled me behind a tree. My blood boiled as we crept away from the trees. In his hand he clutched a plastic bag filled with a dampened pair of his blue jeans. He now wore a pair of pink and green shorts, two sizes too small and dec- orated with tiny paintball helmets. Email This BlogThis! Subscribe to: Posts Atom.

Cole's Hashbrown Winters and the Mashimoto Madness will have your whole family laughing out loudit's a perfect read for pranksters of all ages. My Review. Oh my goodness.

COOKING MY BEST CAMPFIRE BREAKFAST YET - Bacon Egg & Onion Hash Brown (Bushcraft Cooking)

I loved this book. It had me smiling and laughing out loud.

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I just happened to be reading this book when I needed to smile and laugh, it was a perfect fit. Hashbrown and his buddies are back. This time there is someone else who wants to be the popular one, with the club that everyones wants to get in, and he will stop at nothing to get it. Hashbrown tries to out do Hi Mashimoto's amazing treehouse by telling everyone he has a time machine. And, he will stop at nothing to get what he wants, even if it means sacrificing his friendships along the way.

This book will have you laughing and you can enjoy it right along with your kids. If you missed my review of The Adventures of Hashbrown Winters , check it out here.