The Adventures of Little Drop

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Here, in her home, on her land, Peris does it all — with the support of family, friends, tourists, and the good folks at One Horizon, of course. She may make traditional jewelry and teach travellers about Maasai culture for a living, but in many ways, Peris is a modern woman. A modern woman with an incredible story. Learn more about this tour.

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Words and photo by Celinne Da Costa. Facing obstacles in our lives is inevitable, but how we deal with them is within our control. Do we choose to allow our obstacles to define us, or do we compel ourselves to adapt to overcome them? In the end, improving our lives is sustained first and foremost by our ability to push past discomfort and fight for self-improvement. I was taught a profound lesson about resilience and its ability to create success while travelling through Romania. It was there that I met a young man named Sergiu, a formerly homeless Romanian child turned Urban Adventures guide.

I spent the entire day touring Bucharest with him as he showed me the city that he grew up in under the most strenuous of circumstances, and shared stories of what it meant to be a Romanian living on the streets.

I was admittedly clueless to the harsh realities of homeless people in Bucharest and how most of them are set up for this path from childhood. Conditions in Romanian orphanages are terrible, causing many of the children — including Sergiu — to run away for a life in the streets. To this day, the homeless in Romania lack credibility in the eyes of authorities and are poorly treated. The somber and enlightening tour Sergiu gave through Bucharest was unlike any that I experienced.

Little did I know just from walking past these locations that metro stations were bustling drug exchange spots; that entire communities could live in underground sewers; that food could be scrounged from restaurants and nearby dumpsters. Just a few hours with Sergiu completely opened my eyes to the struggles of homelessness. To survive in the streets takes an incredible amount of creativity, resourcefulness, and a strong sense of resilience in order to overcome the arduous challenges that accompany that life. Today, he is a well-travelled, multilingual Urban Adventures guide unveiling the innermost secrets and unusual quirks of Bucharest to any visitor who is curious enough to learn.

Perhaps the most important lesson that Sergiu taught me is that success is accessible to anyone. Everywhere around us there are resilient, strong people who, if they really want it, are able to create success for themselves. If you want, you can succeed. My time with Sergiu reminded me that programs such as the Parada Foundation are crucial to giving people the opportunity to channel their resilience into success — resilience is contagious, it can be taught, and most importantly, it inspires others.

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Outcast Bucharest is part of our In Focus series of tours and runs daily at 11am. For some, travel to a new land comes with a heavy heart. It is a one-way ticket with no more than a suitcase — if that. Turkey is one of the many havens for people fleeing war-torn Syria. According to the UN, Turkey is the largest host country, with over 2. To aid one of the biggest humanitarian crises of our time, many centres throughout the country have opened their doors to help displaced Syrians rebuild their lives, especially in densely populated Istanbul.

On the Urban Adventures tour The Olive Tree of Istanbul , it was time for me to get off the tourist trail and into the heart of Istanbul suburbia. We passed by colourful fresh produce stalls along narrow streets until we reached The Olive Tree Community Centre in the Capa District. Citizens are dying and people are trying to escape by all means — and many without a final destination or future plan in mind.

SPI recognises the need for supplemental education for both children and women, to give them a chance to secure a livelihood in Turkey. In the last year, the centre had to move due to the increased number of people participating in the project.

The Adventures of Little Drop

The trade-off for finding a bigger space was that it moved to a basement residence with no natural light. But despite the bleakness of natural rays, down below the natural human light shines.

It is nothing glamorous and rather basic, but immediately as I stepped foot into the centre, I felt nothing but warmth from its international volunteers, from the Syrians themselves, and from the aromas wafting from the kitchen. Travellers are invited in for dinners and meet-and-greets, and can learn first-hand about something that a majority of the world only hears about through the media.

Along with other tour participants, we were all welcomed to the centre as the final touches were added to our home cooked Syrian meal. We were introduced to the nourishing flavours of Syrian cuisine, with dishes including moujadara burgal, green lentils, and fried onion , maklube spiced rice, chicken, and nuts , baba ganoush eggplant mixed with olive oil, tahini, and spices , and fetteh rice, crispy bread, chicken, and tahini.

The night would fill my stomach with food and my mind with much to think about. The intimate dinner was joined by a few Syrians and volunteers of SPI and other tour participants, and we heard first-hand experiences of what had been encountered in war-torn Syria.

As the night progressed, people opened up about their previous lives in Syria, their journeys to get to Turkey, and how the centre has aided them to start new lives in Istanbul. There is an after-school program to teach primary school-age children the Turkish language, as well as lessons for adults adjusting to a new life in Turkey. But the program is not limited to just learning a new language, as SPI thrives on educating women to become self-sustaining business managers. He blew Little Drop and the rest of the cloud thousands of miles away.

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Soon, Little Drop could see land far below him. He could see houses and rivers, farms and cities, cars and lots of trees. Remember, this is all part of the Great Water Cycle. We are about to become the part of Rain! Little Drop started to shiver. Little Sister Drop started to shiver, too.

real people. real stories. real change.

Then, it happened and they fell out of the sky. They were now Rain! Little Drop plopped onto the leaf of an oak tree, slid to the edge and fell some more. He fell into a puddle under a tree.

The Adventures of Rusty and Ryan

Little Sister Drop fell right beside him. They held hands and swam from the puddle into the creek. The creek was babbling along quite happily down the hill. They babbled right along with the creek. As they made their way through the hillside, they saw all kinds of creatures, deer, squirrels, beavers. There were lots and lots of other drops in the river, but none of them were Daddy and Mommy Drop. Dymocks Online will do their best to ensure the information you have input is accurate.

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