The Big Bang Theory: Behind the Scenes of the Hit TV Show

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TV tonight: 'The Big Bang Theory' bids farewell in series finale

The crew had to coach and encourage Sussman through the scene on the set. As the stars of a hit sitcom, it's hard to keep your private life a secret.

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It was a wonderful relationship but we never spoke a word about it and never went anywhere together. But that also made it sad, too. Everyone was always asking, and we deny-deny-denied.

Filming The Big Bang Theory Finale: Behind-the-Scenes Video Diary -- Mayim Bialik

We knew how to keep it deep inside and never bring it on that set, ever. Sheldon Was Originally Very Sexual.

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I wanted to keep it from being too emotional. What we did all year, because we ran for 12 years, the way we celebrated onstage was we made it our high school senior year.

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  • We did a yearbook, class pictures, had a prom. We tried to keep things light all year. With five weeks left, [recurring guest star] Wil Wheaton did his last episode and delivered a beautiful speech to the cast and crew when he wrapped. I could see people tearing up and hugging each other, but we still had quite a few episodes to go. In approaching the last episode, we knew the table read was going to be emotional.

    ‘Big Bang Theory’ Series Finale Lands 18 Million Viewers

    We pre-shot the entire episode. We only had two days on camera, and I got a third day so we could put the whole episode in the can.

    That took pressure off the cast when it came time to shoot in front of the studio audience. At the very end, it hit me when Chuck Lorre went up to do the last slate of the very last scene. He thought it would be a neat thing to do and got very choked up. With a show built around a character like Sheldon Jim Parsons , who doesn't understand or often express emotion, how do you ensure those big emotional moments of the finale landed? Sheldon's non-emotion amplified everyone else. You could get frustrated with Sheldon, but then you saw how it affected Leonard Johnny Galecki when he'd be upset.

    That's what I'd lean into.

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    That universe spinning around him had to be real and honest. I felt a lot of pressure because it had been building up all year.

    Chuck Lorre didn't want to do it without Parsons

    The episode had a lot of great challenges — we had extras and had to shoot an auditorium scene to make it look like 3, people attending the Nobel Prize ceremony. That was a vast scene that also had to play emotionally and close to the heart. Being out of the living room, which was always the go-to, was a challenge. We had to avoid how we usually prepped.

    We did run-throughs and rehearsals on another stage where we had the airplane and auditorium set up. We treated it with a single-camera mentality and set-ups, and none of those scenes were filmed in front of the audience.