The Evil Genius

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The pizza bomber heist has been one of the most bizarre criminal cases in American history. So much so that it went on to spawn a highly detailed and famous Wired article, as well as, allegedly, being the inspiration for a black comedy starring Jesse Eisenberg.

Netflix's 'Evil Genius' Explores a Case Straight Out of Your Nightmares

Evil Genius provides viewers a new perspective on the case that will likely go on to be the way it is remembered from this point forward. But, though not enjoyable, it is none the less interesting.

As usual, Netflix has once again proven itself to be the place for the best docu-series on television. The plan for world domination was evil genius in every way!! That really smart person with bad intentions is evil genius! The alter-ego of redheaded actress Casey James.

The Art of Being an Evil Genius

Obssessed with World Domination and general debauchery, Evil Genius also referred to as 'EG' or more simply, 'Evil' has an IQ higher than her own weight, which makes her a dangerous breed indeed. Possesses a black-belt in Mind Games. Armed with a killer smile and ultra-white teeth, Evil Genius' powers stem from her ability to disarm you without your knowledge.

Those who have underestimated her mesmerizing power find she has stolen their hearts as well as their identities and assets. Her personal force field keeps anyone from getting 'too close'. Girl with a BIG brain. Minion 1: "Hey, did you see that redheaded girl with the killer smile?

Evil Genius is jumping on the hard seltzer trend | PhillyVoice

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