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This is the first in a trilogy, and J. She sets up some good opportunities for conflict through vampire and werewolf politics that will likely complicate more straightforward storylines. Libraries looking to build their paranormal romance and dark urban fantasy collections have many other choices, and this may not be the best use for limited funds.

The other two books in this collection are due out later this year, and depending on how the trilogy develops, as the world-building is very interesting, it may be worth it to take a second look at this after all three volumes are in print. Siren's Call by Devyn Quinn. The lead heroine, Tessa Lonike, is not your typical lighthouse keeper, as she is also a mermaid.

One night, while keeping watch, she sees a man attempting to commit suicide and uses her special powers in order to save him, unbeknownst to him. Many months later, her two sisters hire on a man, Kenneth Randall, to help Tessa out with repairs on her island. And that narcissistic personality she had aimed at him goes to the wayside a bit.

Now, with both guys in the picture, and with the surprising knowledge that Tessa learns about her family, she has a lot to consider about her future. The blend of action and romance that Quinn has spun together in this beautiful tale of discovery should please all readers of the romance genre as it truly is a magnificent tail pun fully intended. Highly recommend for all fans of romance books! Sins of the Night by Devyn Quinn.

However, Lilith went beyond that and tortured Adrien for weeks, causing him to want revenge. Even more action-packed then Sins of the Flesh , Devyn Quinn really heats things up in this second novel of the Kynn. I sympathized with him for the torture he had endured in his past, yet he instigated some of that with the murder of Ariel. And then while seeking out revenge of his own, he stumbles across a woman that he is instantly attracted to, and I feel hope that maybe she can help soothe things over given the circumstances. Sins of the Night is a bit of a rollercoaster ride all the way through and as any ride, it came to an end way too quickly!

Looking forward to seeing where Quinn may take the Kynn in the future. Highly recommend to all readers! Sins of the Flesh by Devyn Quinn. Sins of the Flesh is the first of a series, which introduces readers to the life of Rachel Marks and Devon Carnavorn. Due to lack of funds, Rachel has been forced to close down her bookstore. In search of a new job, she stumbles upon an ad for a local Goth-themed nightclub, Mystique, hiring for several positions. She goes in for an interview and after being interrogated by both Devon, the owner of Mystique, and his assistant, she accepts the job.

Even upon first meeting, there is sexual tension between Rachel and Devon, which increases in intensity as the novel continues. Not only is Rachel pulled into the world of the Goth club, but Devon introduces her into his own world, the world of the Kynn… a world of vampires. Devyn Quinn charges in full-steam ahead with this introduction into the world of the Kynn.

She throws the reader, as well as the heroine, Rachel, directly in line of bad boy Devon right away and with the tension building from the start, you know things are going to heat up. However, Sins of Flesh has more going on than the title and cover art suggest.

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Naughty with just a hint of nice sprinkled throughout, Sins of Flesh leaves the reader craving more! Lucky Stiff by Tonia Brown. Library of the Living Dead Press, Peter Lyles is an average eighteen-year-old college student—studious, boring, and bad with girls. While on spring break in New Orleans, Peter accidently overdoses and dies in his hotel room.

Peter learns the ways of sex magic from his Voodoo madam. He reads her books, learns how to keep himself from decaying in the heat, and he has LOTS of sex.

Eventually he is sent out into the world to find his own way and build a life. He leaves and has no other contact with them for a long time.

Peter travels from place to place for the next few years. After some time he settles down and goes to work for an escort service.

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Peter likes his new life and stays longer than he planned…he even falls in love. Through all his years he has kept his hunger for flesh at bay. One fateful night, however his past finally catches up with him and he must face his fears. Tonia Brown has written a pretty good story in Lucky Stiff.

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Tonia Brown gets huge props for combining great sex and a zombie. How Ms. Brown brings Peter back as a zombie is extremely imaginative. The climax—no pun intended—of the story is quite unexpected. However I thought the end of the book was just a little too neat. I like my horror messy, inc luding the end. MaryJanice Davidson's 8th installment of the Undead series also known as the Betsy the Vampire series is written from two different perspectives throughout the book. Half of the book is written directly from Betsy's point of view and the other half is written from the view of Dr.

Mark Spangler, who is one of Betsy's roommates. Betsy, her boyfriend Sinclair, their adopted son BabyJon, and her best friend Jessica fly off to Cape Cod at the start of the book to visit the Wyndham Werewolves. They are on a mission to return the deceased body of their fellow werewolf, Antonia, to them. The Wyndham Werewolves are more accusing than welcoming, as they can't comprehend how one of their own could have died protecting a vampire!

Adding to the stress between the werewolves and the vampires is BabyJon. The werewolves seem to be uneasy around him, but Betsy can't fathom why they would be uncomfortable around a baby. It seems there might be a bit more to BabyJon than meets the eye. While Betsy is away, sister Laura, the Antichrist, has a bit of her own "party" going on. She has sent their friend Tina away, brought in a group of Satan Worshipers, and has even started killing vampires.

Mark is doing everything he can to get in touch with Betsy, but unfortunately every time he sends her an e-mail he types it in text messaging shorthand and Betsy can't seem to translate it.

Sinclair tries to call Tina to check in after not having heard from Tina in a few days and finds out that their phone service had been cancelled. It looks like the only way to find out what is going on is to head home, but they can't do that until they resolve the whole "war" with the werewolves on how it is Antonia died. Just your average Betsy week, right? Once again, MaryJanice Davidson has written a light, fun read that the reader will fly right through and that leaves you wanting more.

The quirky dialogue is always what I most look forward to in a Davidson book and this one is no different. In this particular book, I think some of the funniest lines were in the emails sent from Mark to Betsy where he was using the text messaging shorthand. Betsy was having a lot of trouble figuring them out, but it was fun sorting them out. I mean, come on I am definitely ready to see what happens next with BabyJon and Laura so would like to have had a longer book in that sense, but it'll be well worth the wait for number nine!

MaryJanice Davidson's books are always a joy to read and are usually a one or two sitting read. I just can't put them down! Highly Recommended! Houseguest number Jonas, Fred's best friend, who insists on dragging her around to help plan his wedding, which Fred hates! And to make matters worse, her boyfriend, Prince Artur, proposes to her!

Now Jonas is all excited at the prospect of planning a royal wedding for her. Can things get any worse? This is Fred we're talking about. Of course they can! Thomas Pearson, marine biologist, and the guy Fred chose over Artur. Fred's long-lost father, Farrem, who she has never met and who all the other sea folk think is their worst enemy.

How's a girl supposed to cope with everyone in such close quarters It's a shame that this is the end of the series, as I have really enjoyed the characters in this trilogy.

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Davidson definitely could have continued on with this series a while longer as there is much more potential, so I'm hoping that more will come from these characters in spin-off stories somewhere down the road. Dialogue is definitely Davidson's strongest suit and this book is filled to the brim! Jonas had some of the quirkiest lines in the book and Fred's foul mouth makes me think of times I want to say something to and don't. I admire her for being so outspoken. She is never afraid to speak her mind, and that shows in this book, as she spoke up to several of the head people, including her own father.

It's amusing as well, as they all tend to just laugh at her when she goes off on a tirade instead of getting angry with her. I'll miss hearing about Fred, but I did like the way that Davidson ended this book.

Morrigan Aensland

Her powers continue expanding, as Damian begins showing signs of being Anita's vampire servant. During this book she also begins learning magic through the Wiccan Marianne in an attempt to help teach Anita how to close off her metaphysical ties to Richard and Jean-Claude in an attempt to keep from being overwhelmed by them. This proves to be detrimental to Richard and Jean-Claude in Obsidian Butterfly , where she learns from a powerful vampire in New Mexico that it weakens all three of them.

It is also during this novel that Anita is introduced to the serial killer Olaf, who becomes infatuated with Anita becoming his "serial killer sweetie", partially because she fits what he looks for in a victim. In Narcissus in Chains the damage done to her friends and allies from the closing off of the marks is further shown, with Damian having become a feral killing machine in her absence, confirming that he is her vampire servant.

During this book Anita also contracts several strains of lycanthropy after being injured by a wereleopard and Chimera , the split personality of Orlando King, a lycanthrope hunter. Anita also becomes sexually involved with the were-leopard Micah, who becomes her Nimir-Raj and mate by the end of the book.