Voices of the Womens Health Movement, Volume 1

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I hope you will find organizations you have faith in to partner with and contribute to in the future. Best wishes to you all. My first girlfriend sat me down with a copy of OBO when we first started dating at 16 to clear up some misconceptions I had and catalyze conversations about consent. While I am a UU and I expect my son will eventually take OWL classes, I am sorry that this candid and woman-centered resource will not be available to him as well: it really helped cut through some of the masculinist baggage I had absorbed as a boy.

Thank you for finding a way to continue. As many have noted, we need the wisdom of OBOS now more than ever to counteract the corporatization of health care. OBOS has always been my trusted go-to for thorny issues. I will rely on your choices of partners in the future to help guide me and my daughters. Long live OBOS. At that time Peace Corps provided the book. I joined Peace Corps again in , posted in Azerbaijan, Sadly Peace Corps no longer provided the book , but you beautiful people sent two copies to me!

Voices of the Women's Health Movement, Volume 1

Your group has made an enormous difference. Thank you all for all your work. Thank you for all of your dedication to empowering girls and women everywhere. Thank you so much for all of your revolutionary and groundbreaking work. You have all made a huge difference in the lives of women. Years ago, I taught a class at a local hospital on menopause. I wanted to use a chapter from Our Bodies, Our Selves as a reading. However, the male gyn. How about a consortium of Ms. Magazine, BUST and other feminist organizations already in the publishing business?

Thank you for your tremendous contribution to the health of women. I still have a copy of the original, and remember how we devoured it — the first publication that addressed the health issues that all women encounter. Give yourselves a huge pat on the back for your groundbreaking work! I daresay it contributed to helping them be the fine men they are today. I still have my original copy of our bodies ourselves, purchased in It was the only information I could get my hands on regarding birth control and how my body worked. I could not get access to the birth control I needed and ended up pregnant at 15 years old that year.

Our Bodies, Ourselves provided me with much needed information about my growing baby and the changes within my body and how to prepare for childbirth. While it also provided information on abortion, I choose to continue my pregnancy but I appreciated all the detail information about abortion options as I made my decision. I am so thankful that this information was available to me, resulting in the right choice for me and a very healthy baby. I continued to use it throughout the 80s and 90s and it was a valuable and usually primary source of information.

I now get my information from the Internet but still consider my book to be a treasure.

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Thank you very much for providing so many of us the detailed and unbiased information that was just not available in any other format at that time. You are an amazing group of women and nurtured me and guided me through difficult times without even knowing me. I hope you will find your way through the new communication outlets and continue your impact on young women everywhere.

Your original edition, which I bought early on, was incredibly important to me personally and to many of my friends. Thank you thank you thank you for all your work. Thanks for being there for me when I was a teenager with version 1 and now for my daughter with the most recent update.

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Important work I am hopeful of the work continuing with another organizations. I just wanted to acknowlage what an amazing thing this group has done in bringing awareness to people and not just women. I am shocked by the necessity of your decision. Your works were the basis of the beginning of self discovery used by my mother for her girls, and me for mine.

As a midwife professor and woman I have appreciated the great work you have done for me, my daughters, my students and women everywhere. You will be missed. I am confident your work will again arise in another iteration. As someone whom has been at the helm of several non-profits, I sympathize with your situation, and you have my thanks for your years o work. I read my first copy when I was a teenager. It gave me so much that I could not get anywhere else. Over the years it empowered me to understand my body, what was happening at various points to it, and how to better take care of it myself as well as in the face of medical intervention.

Also, I introduced the book to both of my daughters. Our Bodies, Ourselves will live on in the legacy of knowledge and empowerment handed down from generation to generation. Thank you for your groundbreaking work. You were a light in my life 48 years ago! You will be missed but not forgotten! Thank you for the 48 years of educating women and men. As a graduate student in my first real class on human sexuality back in Our Bodies Ourselves was something of a Bible that I used for the class.

As a young guy it was an important primer for me.

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You inspired me early in my life to learn about me. Your vision and your work will continue to inspire and change lives. I am tearful as I write this. I will miss getting copies of your books. It had pertinent information I need on an unusual medical issue.

The only place I found it was your book. Thank You. Thank you all for your work all these years. You have made a huge difference to women everywhere. Today I went to the website in order to share information with a young woman in Tanzania. Lucky for me I explored the timeline section noting all the translations and adaptations.

I am so very impressed with this organization and the quality of information made available! Thank you for all the years of dedicated work.

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All my siblings received copies as gifts for their children. May this next phase be successful. This breaks my heart AND my soul. When I was 17, in a high school friend gave mecopy of the original book. It served me well in an age when mothers rarely spoke to daughters of such things. I have given copies as gifts myself and have been grateful all of these 42 years for the knowledge I gained from that book. Thank you. Sisters, You have touched, educated, supported and inspired countless women here in Boston and across the globe.

We are forever grateful for what your hard work and wisdom has produced. As hard as this must have been, I think the digital world and other factors probably make this the right decision. OBOS was a huge-impact publication then and now. Thank you for all you have done and will do. Please contact me after you have established your new c 3.

Voices of the Women's Health Movement, Volume 1 : Barbara Seaman :

Thank you for being there for me! Thank you for your many years of advocacy, education, and encouragement. As this process plays out, may we all go from strength to strength. I have benefited personally and as a sex educator and a sex therapist, your influence and resources have been of immense value. My deepest thanks. This is so sad.